Treatment of Olfactory Groove Meningioma in the brain using Gamma Knife

Groove Meningioma

Treatment of Olfactory Groove Meningioma in the brain using Gamma Knife

Gamma Knife Center for the Treatment of Brain Tumors – Treatment of Brain Tumors using the latest Gamma Knife ray Techniques

The medical team at Gamma Knife Center
Prof.Dr.Selcuk Becker
Prof.Dr.Yasmine Polukapsi
The specialist Dr.Mustafa Yavuz Samanji
Medical Director: Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu

The Patient Name: Ban Adnan

Nationality: Iraqi

Age:53 years old

Patients Complaint: she suffers from headaches

The Patient’s Medical History

Based on the information obtained from the patient and her relatives. She was examined to find out the cause of occipital headaches and ataxia, where the MRI of the skull showed presence of ulceration in the cerebellum.

The patient underwent surgery in October 2002 and the evaluation of the case was the presence of hemangioblastoma.

The patient was treated with radiotherapy a month after the surgery for 25 days (the report was not available during the examination).

The patient suffered from Epileptic seizures 9 months after the operation and she was prescribed some medication (Carbamazepine) for 5 years, then it was replaced with (Levetiracetam).

The Patient was diagnosed with a benign tumor in the meninges (Olfactory Nerve Trench) after 1.5 years. She was referred to a radiosurgery after radiological progression during follow- up.

The Patient was informed with treatment options and she agreed to preform Gamma Knife Surgery.

Required Examinations

  • Clinical Examination in the Department of Neurosurgery – Professor Specialist at Gamma Knife
  • Brain Magnetic Resonance imaging
  • Computed Tomography Analyses
  • Blood test

Medicines: levetiracetam 500 mg/ day

Neurological Examination of the patient

  • Hearing lost in the right ear (by 5 degrees)
  • Decreased hearing in the left ear (by 3 degrees)
  • There is no facial paralysis
  • Reeling

Treatment plan

On 27/11/2020, MRI were performed, which obtained after applying the stereotaxic signature framework.

The meningeal adenoma was treated with 12 ki to the edge (50% iso-dose line)

The patient responded well to the treatment and was discharged in good health.

Diagnosis: a benign tumor, in the meninges of the brain (trench of the olfactory nerve).

Required treatment: Gamma Knife treatment.

Discharge Recommendations:

Follow-up the patient’s magnetic resonance procedure every year from now and thereafter.


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