Treatment of a meningioma in the brain with a gamma knife


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Treatment of a meningioma in the brain with a gamma knife

Patient name: Iman

Country: Tunisia resides in the Qatar

Age: 35 years old

The patient’s complaint: headache and double vision

The patient’s medical history: According to the medical history taken from the patient, the patient was diagnosed with a cavernous meningioma in the left sinus due to blurred vision on the left side after birth. Radiological follow-up was recommended. In 2019, the patient started suffering from double vision and headaches. She was referred for radiosurgery. The patient was informed of treatment options. The patient decided to perform radiosurgery using the Kama Knife.

Neurological examination of the patient: left-sided sixth cranial nerve palsy

The temporal visual field defect from the left side

Treatment plan: On August 31, 2020, magnetic resonance imaging and computed tomography were performed, and CBCTs were obtained after applying the stereotaxic frame. Left side cavernous meningioma was treated with 12 Gy margin (50% equal dose line). The patient tolerated the procedure well and was discharged from the hospital in good health.

Diagnosis: Meningioma, cavernous sinus, left

Treatment plan followed: Gama Knife Rays

Exit procedures: First, magnetic resonance imaging in February 2021, and then every year.


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