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Minimally invasive surgery center

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Minimally invasive surgery center

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Minimally invasive surgery center

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Attending physician: Prof. Dr. Yavuz Pischoglu.

Medical Director: Hassan Qasim Oglu.

Medical Consultant and General Coordinator for International Patients Ayah Al-Ani.

The translator: Fatima Mostafa.

Patient name: Nihad from Iraq

Age: 45 years old

Chronic diseases: thyroid problem, heart diseases

Patient complain: benign tumor of the left atrium of the heart ( Myxoma)

Patient medical file:

the patient refused to have the tumor from the heart in Iraq because the doctors in Iraq decided to do an open-heart surgery.

After a thorough studying of the patient’s file, we explained our treatment plan, type of surgery and the total cost to the patient.

Procedure Require

  • Surgical removal of myxoma by minimally invasive surgery, which is done through a 5cm incision in the skin under the armpit.


Our institute is the first in Turkey that works with minimal invasive surgery as we have experts in this technology.

Duration of stay: total 9 days (two days ion Cardiac ICU and seven days in Cardiac surgery word).

The surgery was done successfully, the tumor was removed, a sample was sent to the pathology lab, and the result was confirmed our diagnosis of Myxoma.


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