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Zine El Abidine Shghali


Islamic Republic of Mauritania


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Medical Oncology and Hematology Center

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Medical Oncology and Hematology Center

  Prof. Dr. Taflan Salepci

Medical Oncologist

Professor , Fellowship, Post Graduation, Graduation, Is an expert in treating medical oncology 35 years of experience.


Patient name: Zine El Abidine Shghali

Country: Islamic Republic of Mauritania

Age: 54 years old

Chronic diseases:  Hepatoma – hepatitis B – diabetes – stomach problems

Diagnosis: Hepatocellular carcinoma

Treatment require: chemotherapy

Note: As a result of a delay in treating the tumor, especially its arrival to an advanced stage, as the doctors in his country, Lebanon and Tunisia did not treat the patient and the follow-up was refused by Tunisian doctors.

Then the patient decided to travel to Turkey and as a result of the doctors ’studying the patient’s condition, the patient decided  to have his  treatment at Turkey Healthcare Group.

Thanks to God, from the first month about four weeks of chemotherapy, the patient responded to the chemotherapy, with our wishes for the patient’s permanent health and a speedy recovery.


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