Slimming Camp

Slimming Camp

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Slimming Center

Turkey Health Care Group offers you – a slimming center that treats obesity without surgeries, drugs, or follow-up food regulation doctors.

The first healthcare institution to provide these services for obese and overweight people, as our foundation and the Khalil Cargolo Center (HK) took place.

Sports camp at Jabal Al-Nature forest – a healthy lifestyle center

The concept of detox (detoxifying) a cleanser rich in micronutrients

We seek education, increase awareness, focus on the goal, and strive to achieve your dreams.

The camp includes physical and mental activities and actions that focus on getting the best results according to your skills.

Manama camp allows you to live miracles through individual activities and applications distinguished by spiritual and emotional performance.

Under the slogan “Not like home or camping,” we offer you activities that are far from the sense of comfort and relaxation that prevails in the atmosphere of the home and completely different from the centers scattered around the world that make a person feel that he is a human machine in a cold and highly disciplined torture center, we offer you deliberate activities Extremely customized to suit your physical state and make you feel at home as a guide for your appreciation, concern for you, listening to you, sharing opinions with you and providing you with meaningful support in all topics and through all activities, we focus on the goal consciously and help you to use your skills in the best way in order to reach the ideal weight Healthy and harmonious.

First, you will reduce the weight of your shoulders and then your body will change as well

Our confidence stems from our successes and experiences. A change has to happen when the order is completely delivered to the right mentor.

We seek to cleanse your souls and coordinate your bodies in the spa, which offers you the comfort of staying in a 5-star hotel, as it contains social facilities, a Turkish bath (separate sections for men and women), sauna and massage rooms.

We make a difference with indoor and outdoor swimming pools distinguished by dimensions roughly half the dimensions of an Olympic swimming pool, in addition to the departments of skin care, hairdressing and medical applications.

We seek to make you have a graceful and harmonious body by providing 30 types of sporting activities to you, our dear members, in a closed gymnasium of an area of 600 square meters and containing empty places and places equipped with sports machines, managed by the staff consisting of a total of 45 employees and 14 coaches Athletes possess strong fundamentals and degrees in various fields.

In order to entice our members and direct them towards various types of hobbies, movement activities and innovations, we add to the sports exercises fun interactive activities that you spend with 4 different trainers in your spare time.

The healing power of nature:

In the natural sports camp at the Khalil Cargolo Healthy Life Center!

Type A licensed forest land of 267 dunums surrounded by forest trees on its four sides and filled with high quality of oxygen and clean air that would give us the healing power of nature (height 550).

A private and equipped Manama camp, which enjoys an amazing view from all its points of the beauty of the cities of Izmit and Corvez, as well as a walkway between the embrace of nature, a waterfall, a valley and all the elements of nature.

Our location is in the green land extending over an area of 267 dunums, which is the first point that the residents of Izmit see when they raise their heads and look towards the Yovac Dam, in the Hamzah Effendi mountain located in the Dwantepe / Bash Eskele region in the city of Kocaeli and it is the only place where we can do medical tourism and ecotourism Medical tourism and organic agriculture at the same time.

Natural sports activities

When you color your life, your addiction to eating will decrease.

Through the different weekly exercises that focus on the goal, you will lose weight in a fun and entertaining way.

You can lose weight permanently through exercise, fitness and micronutrient intake. In order to reach the ideal weight and lead a healthy life, you must think properly and in balance. As a person with a healthy and balanced mind believes that he deserves to possess the ideal weight and live in a harmonious body befitting him through a system of exercises appropriate to his physical abilities. The Khalil Cargolo Center and his team professionally provide these services to those who respect themselves and their bodies.

Natural sport activities and events

When you color your life, your addiction to eating will decrease.

Through the different weekly exercises that focus on the goal, you will lose weight in a fun and entertaining way.

You will not find time to get bored thanks to the various daily activities in the lap of nature in a prime location in Kocaeli. Your day will always be full of activities such as nature walks, rafting, jeep safaris, mountain skydiving, water skiing, canoeing, ATV safaris, horse riding, zipline, bocce and water competitions. Racing track games and many more.

We have 7 types of rooms in Manama camp. In every room there is a bathroom in addition to furniture, wardrobe and decoration according to the size of the room.

Room types in Khalil Kargolo camp

  • Standard room
  • Half a wing
  • VIP room (American lounge and kitchen)
  • Private family room (double room and shared lounge)
  • VIP floor with a terrace
  • Bungolow Cottages, Log Cabins for 1 or 2 People
  • Shared rooms (for two or in some seasons for four people)


Turkey Healthcare Group is a licensed institution in the Republic of Turkey in accordance with Turkish laws and is active in the field of international healthcare services

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