Open Heart Surgery

Open Heart Surgery

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The Medical team is under the supervision of Prof.Dr.Barbaros Kinoglu, an expert in Cardiovascular Surgery

Prof.Dr.Boland Saratas, Cardiac Surgery Specialist, and Medical Director Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu

Patient Name: Khalaf Abu Muntazer

Country:  Iraq

Age: 50 years

Chronic Diseases: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes, Smoking


The result of the Diagnostic catheter showed advanced stages of cardiovascular disease, as well as the presence of Blockages in the arteries of the heart


The patient needs a heart Bypass Surgery (Open Heart Surgery) as soon as Possible. After the patient’s arrival at the Hospital, a preliminary examination and reading of the documents and preliminary analyzes were conducted. For open heart surgery, the patient is admitted to the hospital where he is prepared for the operation.

While viewing the Catheter:

Cardiovascular Diseases have been clarified, as this operation is considered one of the most difficult operations in the Department of Cardiac Surgery.

Cardiac Surgery Technique

  • We use a special technique in Open Heart Surgery, which differs from the normal Open-Heart Surgery
  • The success rate of the operation is 85%.
  • The patient underwent open-heart surgery, and thanks to God, the operation was successful.
  • The patient stayed in the intensive care unit for only two days.
  • The patient stayed in the Cardiac Surgery Department for only eight days.

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