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Oncological diseases diagnostic and treatment center in Turkey

Oncological diseases diagnostic and treatment center

Oncological diseases diagnostic and treatment center

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  • Radiation oncology
  • Pathology (Oncology)
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Turkey Healthcare Group provides you with a complete diagnosis of tumors where the best treatment health services for our patients are available through our experienced team of medical specialties and modern technology.

As a health center adopts the concept of “Turkey medical experts,” one of our most important goals is to make patients and their relatives comfortable.

We are ready to meet the needs of our patients through our branches for tumors, radiation oncology, gynecological tumors, blood tumors, tumor imaging, and surgical tumors in the Oncology section that we serve with this concept. We are closely following technological and scientific developments and offer our patients more modern treatment options such as Cyberknife, Davanchi and pet-Ct. We know the importance of the early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer.

For this purpose, our center is the first of its kind in Turkey, offering the early diagnosis and effective treatment of cancer, through the modern technology we provide to our patients.

  • council of oncology doctors
  • oncology diagnosis

Turkey Healthcare Group is one of the few health institutions where the multidisciplinary therapeutic approach can be applied in one place. At our center, recent developments in diagnosis and treatment of cancer are closely monitored.

council of Oncology. Pathologists, radiologist, nuclear medicine specialist, oncology doctors, radiation oncology doctors, surgical units, internal units and doctors who provide medical coordination for international patients.

The treatment begins when the patient decides and accepts. Throughout the entire treatment process, the “tumor Council” meets regularly to discuss the patient’s response to treatment and the medical follow-up.

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