Mutual donor kidney transplant

Mutual donor kidney transplant

Mutual donor kidney transplant

A living donor kidney transplant is a surgery in which the kidney is removed from a living donor and then transplanted to the recipient whose kidneys are no longer functioning efficiently.

The goal of a kidney transplant is to provide a kidney that can function. Especially in people whose kidneys have lost the ability to perform its functions, due to many factors, including:

  • Chronic kidney failure
  • Kidney damage due to diabetes
  • Renal hypertension
  • Chronic kidney infection
  • Damage to the kidneys due to medication
  • The arteries of the kidneys are damaged
  • Hereditary kidney disease
  • Damage to the kidneys following an autoimmune disease

End-stage renal disease is characterized by a decrease in the renal clearance rate to 20-25% compare to normal condition.

Performing a living donor kidney transplant

Performing a kidney transplant from a living donor: It only takes one donor kidney to replace two failed kidneys, and this makes the transplantation of a kidney from a living donor an alternative to transferring it from a deceased donor

Why is this operation performed?

The benefits of a living-donor kidney transplant compared to a deceased-donor kidney transplant include:

  • Spending less time on the waiting list, which may prevent potential complications and deterioration in the recipient’s health.
  • Possible avoidance of dialysis if it has not started
  • Better survival rates in the short and long term
  • A transplant may be organized in advance once the donor is approved for an emergency transplant, compared to a kidney transplant from a deceased donor.

Paired organ donation

The patient and the living kidney donor will undergo evaluation, in order to determine whether the donor organ is compatible with you or not. In general, the patient’s blood type and tissue type must match that of the donor.

However, if there is no match between the patient and the donor, in some cases it is still possible to perform a successful transplant by providing additional treatment before the transplant, as the sensitivity of the immune system is reduced and the risk of rejection of the transplanted organ is reduced.

in the event that a kidney donor is incompatible with the patient, the transplant center may offer you the donor and have the opportunity to participate in a reciprocal donation program.

In reciprocal organ donation from a living donor: the donor gives his kidney to another person who corresponds with him, and then, you get a kidney that matches with you from the donor of that recipient person.

Once matched with a living kidney donor, the date for the kidney transplant will be decided in advance. Usually, kidney donation surgery (donor nephrectomy) and kidney transplantation take place on the same day

Filtering antibodies from the blood of a kidney patient means that they can receive a new organ from any donor, regardless of blood type. This technology also allows recipients who are particularly sensitive to foreign tissues to undergo a new kidney transplant.

This process provides new hope to thousands of patients who are currently undergoing dialysis, as it can help three groups of people with kidney failure:

  • Those who have a willing donor whose blood type does not match
  • Those whose immune systems are particularly sensitive to foreign tissue – often because they have already undergone a transplant or blood transfusion, or are pregnant.
  • Those patients who unexpectedly produce antibodies to their new kidney after transplantation.

A non-identical kidney transplant from a living donor may reduce the risk of death more than not having a transplant at all.



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