Medipol University Hospital

مستشفى ميدبول ميغا اسطنبول

Largest Health Complex in Turkey Housing 4 Hospitals.

Medipol University Hospital is the largest private health investment as a university hospital in  Turkey, consists of four hospitals, General medicine, Cardiovascular Surgery, Oncology and Dental hospitals.

Medipol University Hospital attracts attention with its modern architecture intelligent building technology and advanced medical equipment and bears the distinction of being one of Turkey’s best hospitals with a new generation of technology. Medipol University Hospital, is a new reference centre in the health sector in both local and international levels.

Modern Health Complex in International Standards

Medipol University Hospital, being the justifiably proud of Medipol Education and Health Group in Turkey and in the world, resulting in this spirit, is a health complex having JCI standards receiving patients from all over the world. Medipol University Hospital takes firm steps forward with the big investments and advances in preventive / curative health services to improve the community’s quality of life.

Fully Equipped Modern Infrastructure and Power Capacity

Medipol University Hospital has capacity of 470 beds 133-bed Intensive Care Units (General, Coronary, CVC, Neonatal Intensive Care) all serving with an infrastructure equipped with intelligent systems and technology. Medipol University Hospital , has the highest number of departments within the hospitals in Turkey, offers patient-centered superior service approach. The hospital is also configured with a new generation of technology capable of performing simultaneous operations in 25 operating rooms.

Convenient building for a modern hospital

Medipol University Hospital is a good example with its modern building for a modern hospital in order to make patients and their relatives feel comfortable. Medipol University Hospital has 15 acres of gardens, 26 thousand m2 of 5 floors underground car park, 100 thousand m2 of indoor area and 1,500 people of employment capacity.

Comfortable Rooms for Patients

Medipol University Hospital host patients and their relatives in the comfort of home environment. There are 470 beds involving spacious and modern physical areas, terrace garden suites, and normal rooms. Patients have multimedia services (TV, DVD, internet) in rooms equipped with LCD screen . In addition to all kinds of comfort of modern life that the patient and their relatives may need, a high – quality food service is also supplied.

Prayer Room

There is a spacious prayer room of 600-people capacity, “Turkish triangle” style  which means covering a square

by a dome, where patients and their relatives can do their prayers.

Pol’in 5 star Cafe & Restaurant

Pol’in Cafe & Restaurant, which is located in Medipol University Hospital, welcomes its guests where they can taste special flavor while enjoying modern and stylish atmosphere.

Healthy and delicious Turkish and international cuisines options with its professional and experienced staff , Pol’inCafé / Restaurant is a very pleasant and special place at the hospital.

Helipad Area with unlimited Service

Medipol University Hospital is an easily accessible hospital with its helipad area having a unique architecture with a static that can carry helicopters in any weight, allowing rapid patient transfer to the domestic and abroad in the most urgent moments.

Latest Technology Security Service

There is 7/24 security services at Medipol University Hospital for patient safety . Medipol University Hospital provides a safe service with its central system room, high-tech cameras in public areas, X-ray-controlled switching system and well-trained / expert team.

Medipol University Hospital Uses Pharmaceutical and Medical System PYXIS.

In Medipol University Hospital, Pyxis Medication Management System is the first and largest “Drug Management System”

Since 2004 till present, very few hospitals in Turkey have been established Pyxis System.

“Pyxis Medication Management System” offers a complete automation and security by working integrate with “Hospital Information Management System” from pharmacy to the moment of drug delivery to the patient. 5 basic principles of international patient safety are provided automatically with the system by administering the right medication to the right patient at the right dose by the right way at the right time. At the same time.

Online Access

Health services can be carried out by portable devices named “fleet” which accelerates the workflow process and uses physical space efficiently at Medipol University Hospital. All test results of the patient can be seen, all the file information can be easily accessed by authentication (barcode swipe) with fleet car.

Unlimited Digital Archive Pacs

With PACS systems used at Medipol University Hospital, paper-based medical images such as film archives are eliminated.

The benefits of PACS for the patient:

Since all images are kept in computers, health revaluation is possible by making comparison with the previous examination.

Patients don’t have to keep the images with them when they are presented to physicians.

Images are kept at the hospital, they are not lost.

Due to environmental conditions, images can be deformed in time, but digital images can be stored for years as it is on the first day.

In case of necessity, images can be transferred to domestic or outside health institutions.

If requested, a CD can be given to patient making the digital image checked in any PC.

Computer Controlled Transfer

Pneumatic Tube System

Pneumatic Tube System is used in Medipol University Hospital , thousands of drugs, blood and samples, a variety of medical supplies, x-rays, reports and documents are carried with computer-controlled system from an address to another, from a floor to another, from one building to another and materials can be transported quickly and safely.

Medipol University Hospital with Statistics

  • 4 Hospital Complex
  • General Hospital
  • Oncology Hospital
  • Cardiovascular Surgery Hospital
  • Dental Hospital
  • 470 Bed Capacity
  • Intensive care units with 133 beds
  • 32 General Intensive Care
  • 22 Coronary Intensive Care
  • 26 CVC Intensive Care
  • 53 Neonatal Intensive Care
  • 246 Polyclinics
  • 25 Operating Rooms


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