Medical Park Hospitals Group

Medical Park Hospitals Group

Medical Park Hospitals Group

Medical Park Hospitals Group is one of the biggest and most famous  groups which has more than 30 hospitals in various provinces of Turkey.

More than 5000 doctors and employees are offering medical services in this Medical group which was founded in 1993. We are growing rapidly and doing our best to be always at the top in this sector operating our work in 551912 m2 building which has 167 operating rooms and 100k beds.

‘Health for All’ philosophy all over Turkey as well as providing health services to the highest standards; Today, we are not only in our country but also among the world’s leading health groups with our scientific studies.

As Medical Park Hospitals , which combines expert staff, patient-oriented superior service concept and multidisciplinary work ; We provide quality diagnostic and treatment services in three hospitals certified by the Joint Commission International (JCI) accreditation from the USA.

“Healthy life, to benefit equally from health services is everybody’s fundamental right” while continuing to replicate the principles of the chain with Turkey’s spread all over, without compromising medical ethics, we are taking sure steps on how to raise health standards of our advanced technology.

Our group, which increases the quality and quality of the service we provide with each new hospital, not only provides health services to the society in which we are present, but also supports social responsibility projects carried out in every issue that our country needs.

We cooperate  with prestigious universities with qualified staff, we contribute to the development of these universities. On the basis of the affluence works and collaborations we carry out; to train well-trained, well-equipped, principled doctors; Our goal is to maximize the quality of health care we offer and to provide groundbreaking innovations in the medical field worldwide.

We are continuing our efforts to make sports, which we think must be essential for health, become widespread in our country and become a way of life. We are the large and small sponsors many sports clubs in Turkey’s honor and happiness.

On this road we go for a healthier Turkey “health for all” and also to continue to add value to the experience.



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