Lung surgery center in Turkey

Lung surgery center in Turkey

Medical experts in Turkey – Turkey Healthcare Group

Head of the Department of Internal Medicine – Pulmonology, Professor University Professor Ilhami Kul Tebe

Medical Director Hasan Qasim Oglu

Medical Consultant and patient program organizer and follow-up Ayah Al-Ani.

translator Fatima Mustafa

Patient: Saad bin Fattah

Age: 26 years old

Chronic diseases: severe and chronic inflammation of the bronchi – asthma – shortness of breath

Diagnosis: Bronchopulmonary dysplasia

Treatment Require: Admission to hospital – treatment with special medicines – follow-up

Duration of treatment: 20 days

Information on diagnosing and what the problem is:

Before visiting the patient to our hospital, the patient had severe and chronic lung-bronchial infections

As the patient is always connected to the oxygen system and the oxygen level in the blood is 60.

The patient arrived at the hospital by ambulance, connected to an oxygen machine, and the oxygen level in the blood was below 60.

After the diagnostic tests and analyzes, a patient program was organized for a period of 20 days in the hospital.

After the intensive treatment and follow-up of the patient in the hospital, we reached the end of the treatment and the patient was discharged from the hospital and the patient was placed as follows:

  • The proportion of oxygen in the blood without connect to the oxygen device SpO2: 92
  • The use of the oxygen device has been stopped
  • The patient does not need an ambulance
  • The patient can continue his life without an oxygen device
  • The patient’s travel to the airport by a regular car without an oxygen device


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