Istinye University Hospital Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa

Istinye University Hospital Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa

Foundation headquarters, Turkey Healthcare Group


Our hospital provides all medical specialties where all patients’ problems are treated at the highest international levels of quality while serving international health care

 Istinye University Hospital Medical Park Gaziosmanpasa Istanbul Turkey

University Hospital Istinye Medical Park Gazi was established in 2015 in the health care service, and health care fields, where all medical specialties were opened.

In 2018, Medical Park Gazi Hospital was transformed into a private Istinye university hospital, where joint cooperation in health care activities with the University of Istinye took place.

University Hospital Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul, which treats patients in all medical specialties, according to its innovative approach to healthcare services through its educational, scientific and medical studies.

The Medical Park Hospitals Group has brought healthcare standards in the Turkish sector to international standards. Through doctors who specialize in medical care.

University Hospital Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul contains a very large group of doctors and scientists specializing in the health sector, which treats patients from all medical specialties. We provide treatment in all curves of the Turkish state.

Medical Park provides the latest innovative medical devices that are applied simultaneously with the world, and there are also expert doctors and academics in the hospital environment

Infrastructure University Hospital Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul

  • The area of the Istinye Medical Park Gazi University Hospital complex is 67,000 square meters
  • 197 patient rooms
  • 20 operating rooms
  • 20 neonatal intensive care
  • 10 care rooms for cardiovascular and vascular surgery.


Searching for the doors of a healthy future “health care”

University Hospital Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul offers innovative services for patient treatment using innovative medical technologies, advanced diagnostic, and modern diagnostic treatment methods, as its technological infrastructure is equipped with all modern devices.


Comfort and quality of treatment and services

University Hospital Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul offers its guests a modern and elegant line in FM quality with its high standards that stand out with its experience and performance through touching life, as it is designed for service patient treatment. In our hospital, priority is given to the comfort of patients and their relatives, where health services are provided in the best possible way.

Rapid diagnosis with advanced technology

istinye Medical Park University Hospital Complex which operates with a dynamic system based on the medical team with advanced technology and scientific understanding, which works on the principle of interdisciplinary health care work.

With the provision of world-class services in all branches of medicine, where the latest medical and surgical methods are used in the diagnosis and treatment of chronic diseases such as diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, heart disease, cancer diseases, cardiac surgery, neurosurgery, orthopedics and joints, and others.

Medical Park Hospitals Group operates in accordance with international standards based on the principle of “health care for all” through the latest medical technologies, and the medical team distinguished by its expertise, which numbered 1,612, including:

  • 235 academic doctors from different medical specialties
  • 35 hospitals in 17 cities in Turkey

Medical Park Hospitals Group provides services as a reference center in all its branches for adults and pediatrics.

Today, Medical Park Hospitals Group has spread around the world through its offices that come into service in an effort to be the leading player in the healthcare field as an easily accessible medical network.

Our medical team in all Medical Park Hospitals is committed to leading the way to the future of healthcare by providing the highest level of service to our patients and their families.

Our guiding standard is to provide people with better healthcare experiences at reasonable prices. As patients’ rights will be our mission forever.

The principle of our hospital is to be the preferred hospital for patients in all current medical specialties, as it provides the best services by its professional medical staff in their specialties.


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