Istinye Medical Park Gazi University Hospital, Istanbul

Istinye Medical Park Gazi University Hospital, Istanbul

Istinye Medical Park Gazi University Hospital, Istanbul

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In our hospital there are all medical specialties, where all patients’ problems are treated at the highest levels of international quality, while serving international health care.

In 2015 Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul University Hospital was established in the health care service, and all fields of health care were opened in all medical specialties.

In 2018, Medical Park Gazi Hospital was transformed into a private Istinye University Hospital, where joint cooperation in health care and its activities took place with Istinye University.

Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul University Hospital treats patients in all medical specialties, according to its innovative approach to health care services through its educational, scientific and medical studies.

Medical Park Hospitals Group has carried the standards of healthcare in the Turkish sector to international levels. Through medical professionals.

Medical specialties at Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul University Hospital

  • Organ Transplant Center – Liver Transplant – Kidney Transplant
  • Center for Cardiovascular and Vascular Surgery for Children and Adults
  • Medical Oncology Center
  • IVF Center – Gynecology – Infertility Treatment Center
  • Pediatric and Adult Hematology and Oncology Center – Stem Cell Transfusion – Bone Marrow Transfusion
  • Center for Orthopedic, Joints and Spine Surgery
  • Center for Obesity and Diabetes Surgery
  • Center for Orthopedics, Joints and Microsurgery
  • Nuclear Medicine Center for Oncology Diseases
  • Center for Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery – Hair Transplant
  • Center for Diseases and Urology
  • Neurosurgery and Spine Center
  • Robotic Surgery Center
  • General Surgery Center
  • Center for Eye Diseases and Surgery – Corneal Transplant
  • Ear Nose and Throat Center – Cochlear Implant Center
  • Center for Gynecological Diseases and Treatment
  • Center for Urology and Surgery in Children and Adults
  • Center for Gastroenterology and Hepatology for children and adults
  • Cancer Surgery Center
  • Center for Hematology and Oncology for children and adults (stem cell transfer – bone marrow transfer)

Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul University Hospital contains a very large group of doctors and scientists specialized in the health sector, where we provide treatment in all corners of the Turkish state. Medical Park provides the latest innovative medical devices that are applied at the same time with the world, as well as there are expert doctors, specialized and academics in the hospital environment.

Infrastructure of Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul University Hospital

  • The area of the university hospital complex (Istinye Medical Park, Gazi Istanbul) about 67.000 square meters
  • 197 patient rooms
  • 20 operating rooms
  • 20 neonatal intensive care units
  • 10 Cardiovascular surgery care rooms

Medical Park Group grants all patients, regardless of socio-economic status, access to health care services in accordance with international standards based on the principle of “health care for all”.

Medical Park not only closely monitors all advanced technologies and treatments worldwide, but also aims to be a model that supports innovative science and practices.

Medical Park Hospitals provides high quality diagnostic and treatment services in all hospitals, including the third selection of hospitals by the Joint Commission International (JCI), by bringing together specialists, patient-oriented services and multidisciplinary work under one roof.

Medical Park continues to add new members to the chain in accordance with the principle “It is the fundamental right of every individual to live in good health and have equal access to health care services”, and is taking firm steps to spread to all regions of Turkey, in order to increasing health care standards on the basis of advanced technology that does not sacrifice ethics of the medical profession.

Our group aims to create a completely new vision in the healthcare sector with the brand “VM MEDICAL PARK”, where we manufacture all diagnostic and therapeutic methods, which are recently used all over the world, innovative medical technologies and experienced medical staff meet in a contemporary hospital environment.

Through the quality and quantity of service with each new hospital, our group not only provides health care services to the citizens of our community, but also supports social responsibility projects that are implemented in all issues that require attention in our country.

Medical Park Hospital’s affiliations with Turkey’s distinguished universities contribute to the qualification of its staff and the development of universities. These affiliation and cooperation agreements aim to educate and train qualified physicians, maximize the quality of health care services and break new foundations in the field of medicine.

Comfort – Quality – Treatment – Services

Istinye Medical Park Gazi Istanbul University Hospital offers its guests a modern and elegant line in F-M quality with its high standards that stand out with its experience and performance through touching life, as it was designed in the service of treating patients. In our hospital, priority is given to the comfort of patients and their relatives, where health services are provided in the best possible way.

We continue to serve the sick and “heal” the people on this path we have left for a healthier Turkey.


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