Interview with a breast tumor patient | Medical Oncology Center

Medical Oncology Center

Interview with a breast tumor patient | Medical Oncology Center

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 Treating doctor and the medical team

  • Dr.Taflan Salabji with the medical team at the Medical Oncology Center
  • Dr.Albert Jan
  • Medical Director: Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu
  • Medical Translator: Fatima Mustafa
Patient name Salma from Sudan
Age 36 years old
Chronic Disease None
Operation that the patient underwent previously ·         Mastectomy

·         Plastic surgery operation

Diagnosis for the patient condition Breast Cancer


The patient medical file

The case of the patient from Sudan was diagnosed with a tumor in the right breast. The patient started taking chemotherapy, and then the patient underwent a Mastectomy. During the Mastectomy process A silicone breast prosthesis has been applied.

In the post-operative recovery period, the patient developed infections in the breast area, and as a result of the follow-up and poor treatment in Sudan for a whole year, the patient did not have any benefit from the treatment, which led to the spread of the tumor in the body, as the patient condition reached an advanced stage. For this reason, the patient decided to come to turkey in order to receive the appropriate treatment.

While the patient and her family searching in the social media for a good hospital in turkey, the patient contact us directly and took the medical advice and details about the follow-up and the treatment mechanism at the Medical Oncology Center under the supervision of, Professor Dr.Taflan Salabji

The map and mechanism for the patient follow-up treatment is:

  • Clinical Examination
  • Blood tests and X-rays
  • Chemotherapy
  • Laser Rays

The patient started visiting our hospital at the medical oncology center under the direction of Prof.Dr.Musharraf Taflan Salabji for the treatment of breast tumor  since a year and two month ago. She underwent chemotherapy according to the schedule set by the specialists. The patient’s condition improved by continuing the treatment from the first day she arrived at our hospital.

As a result of the intensive follow-up by the specialized medical staff under the supervision of the medical director Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu, The patient was follow-up day by day. Despite of the difficult psychological condition that the patient was going through, But thanks to God and thanks to the efforts of the medical team, the patient passed the difficult condition, and left our hospital for her homeland safely, peacefully and in good health.


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