Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife Center

Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife Center

Gamma Knife and Cyber Knife Center


Gamma Knife for treating brain tumors

Brain tumor center without surgical intervention is treated with Gamma Knife ray technology

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What is Gamma Knife (Gamma Knife)?

Gamma Knife (Gamma Knife): It is one of the latest devices in terms of global technology in the Department of Nuclear Medicine Sciences, as it is given to patients with brain tumors in a very high doses of radiation (laser beam).

Gamma Knife Number 201 contains very high energy from the source, Co-60, as it reaches the atoms of brain cells, especially to the farthest distance in the cells affected by tumors, while the radiological rays do not reach the affected tumor cells areas and protect the healthy cells of the brain.

Gamma Knife radiation does not affect healthy brain cells because gamma Knife radiation is very small and does not damage healthy cells and when it reaches the tumor-infected cells in the brain, at the point of the tumor cells where all directions of the gamma ray are collected at the point of the tumor, so the radiation is very, very intense , it is possible To affect even a weak percentage on healthy cells only at the target radiation point.

In Gamma Knife treatment, patients are directed a very thin beam of rays into the affected area of ​​the brain’s skull.

Thanks to the Gamma Knife feature, it is natural to focus on the direction of radiation only in the area affected by the tumor and neglect the rest of the brain regions. For this reason, the exposure of other areas to radiation is very low.

The Gamma Knife Objective Knife has a sensitivity of less than 0.5 mm.

Annually, about 40,000 patients are treated with Gamma Knife, which is a simple and painless treatment.

Gamma Knife – Gamma Knife: Patient treatment is applied in all high-quality international hospitals. As a hospital, we treat patients through our experienced doctors and medical team, where we obtained very high results.

Advantages of using Gamma Knife in treating brain tumors:

  • Gamma Knife is a very effective method in treating tumors that have spread in the brain, as well as in brain tumors that doctors cannot surgically interfere with the affected site, and it is also used in brain tumor disorders.
  • Gamma Knife is a technique that targets the affected area, which is affected by the sensitivity of gamma rays in the brain. Also, the treatment is done without surgical intervention and there is no risk of brain bleeding, infection resulting after the operation, anesthesia problems and others.
  • After taking Gamma Knife, there is no need to stay in the hospital, and for this reason there are no problems after treatment.
  • Gamma Knife is a treatment that is especially recommended for patients with high side effects, as well as anesthesia problem. Gamma Knife treatment provides great benefit in many patients.
  • Gamma Knife is a treatment that is completed in one day and patients are discharged on the same day. Unlike open surgery, these patients do not require hospitalization and do not need intensive care and for this reason, patients and their relatives give high-quality rest.
  • The patient is fixed in a special model or in a special frame in the Gamma Knife device, which provides it with high sensitivity for the treatment, in addition to protecting the normal brain tissue from other radiotherapy techniques

Areas of use in Gamma Knife processing (Gamma Knife)

Gamma Knife is used in

  • Treatment of brain tumors “malformations of vessels or cells in the brain”
  • In the treatment of thrombosis or cavernous tissue “arteriovenous malformation”
  • Other vascular anomalies (cavernous tumor, aortic hemangioma, glomerular tumor)

It is scientifically proven as an alternative to surgery in facial pain syndromes such as trigeminal neuralgia, and Parkinson’s patients, now it’s widely used in appropriate patients.

Gamma Knife can also be used in the treatment of many brain diseases. Studies have been conducted on the effectiveness of the Gamma Knife in some mental disorders such as epilepsy patients and others, and the results were very positive.

Gamma Knife Treatment Benefits

  • Simple treatment, where the patient does not feel pain
  • In Gamma Knife treatment for some brain tumors, the patient does not need to undergo open surgery
  • Complications or side effects of Gamma Knife treatment are few or very weak
  • Treatment does not require general anesthesia
  • Patients do not need to cut their hair during Gamma Knife treatment
  • Gamma Knife treatment ends only in one session or in the breath today, and no more than one session is conducted for the patient
  • High accuracy by using international technology to target cancer cells with very high power to give out radioactive materials
  • The costs of Gamma Knife treatment are lower than brain surgery
  • If the patient needs treatment, the Gamma Knife session may be repeated
  • The risk of Gamma Knife is very low when compared to brain tumor surgeries
  • If a patient with brain tumors is not suitable or doctors have not recommended that they undergo surgery for brain tumors, it is necessary to treat them with Gamma Knife – Gamma Knife.

There are also devices in nuclear medicine such as the Cyber Knife that allow stereotactic radiosurgery in brain tumors, treating patients with Gamma Knife in order to protect healthy cells in the brain. This is why Gamma Knife is chosen in treatment and research, we can say that the Gamma Knife is safer from Other methods of stereotactic radiosurgery.

What are the diseases in which Gamma Knife treatment is applied (Gamma Knife)?

  • Gamma Knife treatment is applied to tumors that have metastasized in the brain

In patients with brain tumors, especially if the tumor is widespread, and there is a difficulty in performing a brain surgery. That is why the best global treatment method is Gamma Knife treatment, and it is necessary for the patient to undergo this treatment.

It is possible to continue treatment of patients, such as taking chemotherapy or other treatments at the same time, when treating brain tumors in another way, and it does not cause delay in comprehensive treatment of cancer, from this treatment the patients’ situation will be stabilized.

Results such as memory disorders and dementia are very common in all brain tumors and the patient’s quality of life is seriously deteriorating, with Gamma Knife treatment this risk decreases, in addition to Gamma Knife being used with success in treating multiple brain tumors.

Gamma Knife is known to protect brain tissue better than other radiotherapy methods.

  • Gamma Knife treatment is applied to primary brain tumors

Primary brain tumors, where there are many types of primary tumor cells, such as primary tumors that are called gliomas such as glioblastomas, astrocytoma’s, oligodendrogliomas, glial cell tumors, where treatment is done with surgery, radiotherapy, and chemotherapy when necessary.

In the event that the tumor has spread, it is necessary to treat with Gamma Knife, as the patients Extend the stay with special treatment methods.

  • Gamma Knife therapy is applied to tumors of the pituitary gland

Tumors of the pituitary gland:  resulting from the pituitary gland, which responsible for secreting the hormone in the brain, where it may manifest itself with a hormonal imbalance or visual loss. Medicines, surgical methods, and Gamma Knife can be used to treat these tumors.

Gamma Knife surgery provides an effective and safe treatment for pituitary tumors that are highly frequent, and risky of surgeries.

  • Gamma Knife treatment is used in meningiomas

Meningiomas are usually benign tumors that arise from the meninges (the membranes that surround the brain and spinal cord). Although surgery is the first treatment option, the risk of surgery may be higher than in the case of a meningioma, and it may not be possible to remove it completely. In this case, processing is done with Gamma Knife.

Of course, Gamma Knife treatment is an effective and safe treatment if compared with surgery, as the great danger that will cause by the surgeon will be removed.

  • Gamma Knife treatment is applied to acoustic nerve tumors

Acoustic neuromas are benign tumors of the hearing and balance nerve. Hearing loss, tinnitus, and imbalance are the most common symptoms in various degrees. Gamma Knife therapy has become standard treatment with high control rates in small and medium tumors, as well as when surgical treatment is applied to tumors larger than 3.5-4 cm. According to open surgery with Gamma Knife, the risk of hearing loss is much lower. Additionally, risks such as infection, bleeding, and surgeon-induced fistula are not found in Gamma Knife treatment.

  • Gamma Knife treatment is applied to hemangiomas and cerebral arteriovenous malformations

Arteriovenous malformations and abnormal blood vessels appear in the brain. These tumors can cause bleeding in the brain. Brain hemorrhage that can develop and cause very serious health problems. Additionally, the seizures that causes by these tumors will reduces the patient’s quality of life.

In the treatment of AVM, it is surgically removed and destroyed by radiosurgery. Sometimes these methods are used in conjunction with each other. However, surgical treatment, especially in areas of the brain or deep roots in the brain, is risky, and sometimes surgery is not possible. In this case, Gamma Knife provides a very effective and safe treatment option.

  • Gamma Knife treatment is used in trigeminal neuralgia (pain syndromes of the face).

Trigeminal neuralgia (pain syndromes in the face) is usually evidenced by sudden, violent strikes of lightning into the trigeminal neuralgia within half an hour, lasting from a few seconds to a few minutes. Since the pain may start on its own, the percentage and trigger point in the mouth may also occur. Due to the intense pain of patients suffering from trigeminal neuralgia, their quality of life deteriorates further and they experience side effects due to the dosage of the medications they use.

Gamma Knife treatment is a very effective treatment option for these patients and is more effective than local needle therapy and can reduces the dependence on the liver

This trigger point can be stimulated by exposure to wind, by speaking, chewing, facial movements, touching, and taking cold and hot fluids. Trigeminal neuralgia is seen in about 3-6% of patients. If there is a reason for stimulating the trigeminal nerve to produce the pain, it is called trigeminal neuralgia and can remove it in the middle of treatment.

What is the duration and stage of Gamma Knife treatment?

When consulting patients about Gamma Knife treatment, we first look at the history of the disease, perform an examination, and examine radiographs such as an MRI. Once the patient is fully evaluated, the most appropriate treatment options are determined and the advantages and disadvantages of these treatment options are explained to him / her. Based on the patient’s expectations and opinions, we decide which treatment is most appropriate for the patient’s condition.

When the Gamma Knife treatment decision is made, the patient is ready and at this stage, the Gamma Knife unit performs the necessary tests by interviewing a patient.

Information to be taken into consideration:

  • Before preparing a transaction,
  • Information to be taken on the day of the transaction
  • Information that is noticed after the transaction.

After making the necessary assessments and preparations, the patient should abstain from food after 12:00 at night and arrive at the Gamma Knife unit at 07.45 AM and be prepared for the operation.

During this time, the patient’s vascular pathway opens, when needed, blood levels and blood pressure. This frame is implemented, which is placed on the frame straightening frame.

The goal here is to determine the 3D position of the tumor with radiographs to announce it using a frame and to create an action plan for the coordinates.

Then the patient is taken to the radiology unit in the presence of a doctor, nurse, and radiologist, where an MRI or CT scan is performed.

These pictures are uploaded to the computer where the Gamma Knife plan is made. After imaging, the patient is taken to the Gamma Knife unit and transferred to the bed.

Now the patient can eat and drink lightly. At this time, a treatment program is planned, which we call gamma plan, especially radiation of tumors that should be treated in the most appropriate dose; When this is done, and especially the visual organs, the brain stem and hearing-related organs are protected by various methods. Thanks to the high technology offered by Gamma Knife, safe treatment can be planned. The planning process ends in about 15 minutes to one hour, during which time the patient waits in bed and does not feel any pain due to the frame that we put in his head.

After planning, the patient is transferred to a Gamma Knife treatment machine and tilted and secured to the head machine with the help of a frame. Then the irradiation process begins. Depending on the size and shape of the tumor, it can last between 15 minutes and 3 hours. The patient is allowed to rest during the period of irradiation.

After the irradiation is completed, the patient is returned to the bed and the frame on his head is removed.

After resting for an hour or two, the patient is sent home.

After the treatment, the patient is called to the hospital at regular intervals, routine monitoring and radiography are performed and the course of the disease is closely monitored.


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