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The treating doctors: Prof.Dr.Barbaros Kenoglu

Prof.Dr.Tuğçin Bora Porat

Prof.Dr.Büland sarıtaş

Medical Director: Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu

Patient Name: Mohamed Wael

Nationality: Algeria
Age: 9 years

Chronic Disease: None

The Problem that the patient suffers from: Congenital Malformations of the heart, where the child suffers from a congenital defect since birth, represented by the presence of one ventricle.

Medical file about the child: As a result of a Congenital Heart defect, the child underwent a heart surgery at the age of two years, which is the Pediatric Heart Surgery Fontan. At that time the operation was very dangerous; in which it could led to child’s life due to its difficulty of implementing the operation, and thank to God the child’s life was saved, in which the child was removed from the heart machine, and the operation was completed successfully.

NOTE: This is an operation that was carried out in Algeria by a French Surgeon

The child case studied by Turkey Healthcare Group

Now seven years after the Fontan Operation. Currently, the child is nine years old, and he needs a complementary operation to the Fontan operation that he underwent previously. After submitting a request for medical advice by an Algerian Company to transfer Algerian patients to Turkey, Ms. Gina the mother of the child, was contacted our organization #Turkey-Healthcare-Group. Where we began to study the patient file to undergo a procedure to complete the first process. During the study of the child’s medical file, we reached to the required procedure as follows:

  • Clinical examination in the Department of Cardiology
  • Cardiac Echocardiography
  • Cardiac Catheterization
  • Clinical examination of the child in the Department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery

In our hospıtal, the results of the tests showed as follows:

The child was identified and diagnosed. And it was determined that if the child underwent surgery (open heart surgery), the child could not be tolerated, and the risk is very high. In order to save the life of the child and to complete the Fontan operation, a meeting of the council of experienced Doctors in Turkey was held in the department of Pediatric Cardiac Surgery in many of University Hospitals in turkey which are:

  • Hagittepe University of Medicine in Ankara
  • Acibadam University Istanbul by Professor of Turkish Scientist Tayaar Serioglu

After holding a meeting of the cardiac surgery expert’s council, we decided to preform the required operation for the child’s condition.

Required operation

The operation of installing a special stent in the arteries of the heart.

NOTE: Our Institution is one of the first institutions in Turkey to perform these operations of heart surgery in children.

Duration of treatment: a day in the cardiac intensive care unit in the cardiac surgery department and a week in the cardiac surgery department.

Thanks to God the operation was completed, and now the patient is in good health.


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