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[vc_row][vc_column][vc_single_image image=”4021″ img_size=”full”][inwave_heading preview_style_1=”” title=”Renew your life and get ready to take control”][vc_column_text]Any disorders or problems with regard to the urinary tract have the ability to affect negatively and significantly of the details of daily life. Also, any disease that affects the kidneys or the urinary tract and thus obstructs its work can turn into a life threatening problem at any moment.

The urology center is one of the distinct departments in our hospital thanks to the highly experienced medical staff who can deal with all types of disorders affecting the urinary tract, kidney, bladder and prostate, as well as the genitals of men and women.

Our center has been equipped with the latest technologies and equipment in treating genitalia diseases and surgery, as well as kidney diseases problems, lithotripsy, fluid collection, oncologic surgery, etc.

Where the team works in an integrated manner to provide the highest level of medical care to patients and manage all problems of urinary tract disorders and problems requiring surgical interventions, including problems that need surgical interventions including erectile dysfunction, gynecology, and finding appropriate treatment and diagnosis through the latest machinery used in diagnosis and treatment.

There is also a special section in our center to treat pediatric genital problems and diseases.

All open, closed and endoscopic, microscopic, and robotic surgeries are performed in our hospitals in the departments of urology and reproductive system.

The Center for the treatment of the reproductive system, kidneys and urinary tract provides the best treatment methods for all groups and ages, as the center works to provide the following main services to patients:

  • identifying and diagnosing pathological conditions to treat male sexual dysfunction, infertility, and male sexual impotence.
  • Treating urinary tract and kidney stones by laparoscopic surgery and ultrasound lithotripsy and robotic surgery.
  • Treating the sexual dysfunction of patients with urinary incontinence, bedwetting, and Pediatric and adult urinary discharge cases.
  • Treating kidney, testicular, bladder, and prostate tumors.
  • Penis enlargement for not being able to erect
  • Diagnosis and treatment of cancerous diseases and urinary tract tumors (Prostate, bladder, ureter, gland, testis, abdominal cavity, kidney and all genital organs), determining the stage of its development, primary eradication, and taking pathogenic biopsies.
  • Treating the genital stones diseases in the urinary system (kidney stones_ ureter_ bladder_ urinary tract)
  • Treating Prostate diseases
  • Diagnostic endoscopy of the genital organs of all diseases and chronic problems in the urinary tract.
  • General surgery for all urological diseases _ reproductive organs through robotic, endoscopic, microscopic and open surgery.
  • Pediatric urinary medicine.
  • Treating urinary tract inflammation
  • Male infertility and sexual impotence of the diabetic and elderly patients.
  • Treating varicocele and testicular tumors.
  • Treating urinary tract stones by endoscopy, ultrasound lithotripsy or open surgery.
  • Repairing congenital defects and plastic surgeries of the urinary and reproductive system.
  • Pediatric urology (congenital malformations of the kidneys, ureters and urinary tract) bringing the testis back into place.
  • Preparing the medical report for the cases that require chemotherapy or radiotherapy and other treatments.
  • neurological diseases of the urinary system including the neurogenic bladder.

Our center offers the endoscopy in the urinary tract department and many treatments that have not been mentioned, we try to treat most of the related diseases in this section and other sections.

Endoscopy at the urology center

The technology and rich experience at the disposal of the hospital’s urology department enables to perform operations by endoscopy, which is a very acceptable approach today in different fields of modern surgery.

This possibility of open operations, which has evolved considerably in the last decade, is presented today routinely instead of traditional open surgical procedures for the benefits of patients who need operations in kidney, as well as include cases requiring partial kidney resection and removal of the part affected by the tumor, for the two types of tumors malignant and benign, by maximally preserving the remaining kidney tissue .

Laparoscopic operations are performed today in the treatment of adrenal disease, tumors in the area behind the peritoneum, and pediatric surgery to search for tumors inside the abdomen and repair congenital anomalies in the upper urinary tract (such as narrowing the passage between the kidney and ureter basin) and bladder operations.

The operation is performed by this distinct method, in a different way from open operations that require the occurrence a very large wound, where the work is performed through small holes in the abdominal wall, using the camera and special and advanced equipment, combining different energy, so the implementation of the operation by endoscopy method causes less pain. A shorter hospital stay and much faster recovery than the open operation. In addition, beautification, aesthetic and clinical results are obtained better than the open operations. Many endoscopic urinary tract operations can be performed and benefiting of its advantages.

Da Vinci robotic surgical technique

Da Vinci robot is one of the latest developments in the field of modern surgical techniques, it is a technology that allows to perform complicated surgeries using a 3D endoscopy, kidney and urology center in our hospital with the longest experience and success by the robotic Da Vinci surgical technique in Turkey, where we perform prostatectomy, as well as a large number of daily clinical surgeries, as well as the eradication of kidney tumors and the malignant bladder.


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