Regenerative Therapy Centre

Regenerative Therapy Centre

The first center in Turkey according to the international standards in the stem cells manufacturing and cell production “regenerative medicine.

The regenerative medicine was named after “tissue regeneration” of damaged organs and thus improving body functions. In some serious injuries or chronic diseases, it can cause significant damage to the functional tissues of the body so much so that the body may not be enough to replenish itself.

Regenerative medicine is an important field that has been newly developed in the field of medicine for the purpose of regenerating the functions of organs or tissues for these patients.

In current regenerative medicine applications. “Stem cells” are used to replace and repair damaged tissues or organs in the body due to aging, diseases or congenital malformation. Stem cells have the ability to reach these damaged areas of the body. By starting the regeneration and repair process, with the new tissues and cells they create, they can improve the functions of damaged areas of the body.

Regenerative medicine can play an important role not only in treating damage after a problem has occurred, but also in the field of preventive medicine that prevents problems from occurring. At our medical center, the medical team provide new beginnings for our patients with cellular therapies and cell transplant applications consisting of blood, bone marrow and adipose tissue materials.

Regenerative medicine, in the center of stem cell production, biological products are produced in a safe place and of the highest quality. Our goal is to provide cellular and tissue-based medical therapies for our patients using advances in genetic science and biotechnology, as well as providing expertise and infrastructure to solve complex legal, financial and industrial problems related to cell transplant and tissues-based products.

The mission of the stem cell production center of regenerative medicine is to provide a comprehensive service to patients through the coordinated work of doctors, researchers, and biomedical engineers on cell products and regenerative tissues such as stem cells, supporting new approved biological treatments, and the production and applications of stem cells.

Our stem cell production center for regenerative medicine aims to improve and expand the quality of life by converting advanced stem cell technologies and tissue engineering applications into clinical products for individuals suffering from various diseases and injuries from a perfect perspective.

A center in Turkey according to the international standards in performing and manufacturing of stem cells and cell production “regenerative medicine.

Regenerative center, stem cell production center is cell production facility, clean status center, according to GMP standards. it has been approved by the ministry of health since 2014 within the framework of global standards and is one of the centers in Turkey and the world.

Clean room conditions, it is a working area in which the surrounding conditions are controlled by conducting a continuous count of particles in the area that is regularly ventilated and filtered air. In our center, there are two production areas, one cell storage area, 4 quality control areas, a quarantine and one storage area outside the clothing and office areas.

All operations of the center are documented regularly, the facility’s ventilation, pressure, temperature and humidity conditions are monitored and managed in the automation room and the environmental conditions are continuously controlled by the current air treatment unit.

Regenerative medicine renews your body

Turkey Healthcare Group at the regenerative medicine center and stem cells provides solutions to medical and aesthetic problems that cannot be addressed in traditional ways using regenerative cells obtained from the patient’s own tissues. All ethical rules are applied in regenerative medicine and stem cell production center and priority is given to the patient’s health and interests by working with all branches, it provides a permanent solution to many problems that the drug cannot response to them through the classical therapies. unhealthy dysfunctional cells and tissues regeneration using biological products. the center of stem and productive cell regeneration uses practices determined by legal and scientific procedures.

In what fields are patients treated in regenerative medicine?

Scientists have continued extensive research on stem cells, and at the same time, some cellular therapies that use stem cells have been included in their clinical applications. Cellular therapies are currently used in orthopedics, plastic surgery and dermatology diseases.

Regenerative medicine treats patients suffering from orthopedic and joints diseases:

in cases of osteoarthritis, especially in the cartilage, autologous cartilage cells or stem cells obtained from the person’s adipose tissue have very good results.

Dermatological applications and plastic surgery:

Breast reconstruction, chronic non-healing wounds, burn wounds, and cosmetic stem cell treatments have become routine practice. In the field of dermatology, the application of fibroblasts cells obtained from the same person and especially in the treatment of skin rejuvenation and acne scars has led to positive results in the clinic.

Diabetic foot wounds:

One of the main causes of long-term hospitalization for diabetics. Cellular therapy for wound healing is a very effective method in treating a wound, a diabetic foot wound can be treated with the regenerative cells applied on the surgical site. In addition to the influence of cellular therapy applications on diabetic wound healing, the fact that it can be applied on chronic or acute wounds also shows great potential. The stromal blood vessels part is cocktail that is rich in stem cells obtained by enzymatic separation from the fat obtained from the abdomen by the method of liposuction. Rich applications in cell regeneration, it is known to contribute to healing diabetic foot wounds through various mechanisms such as cell death inhibition, collagen synthesis, release of growth factor, formation of the new vessel and stimulation of cell growth.

Some vascular diseases, such as the problem of microvascular obstruction, especially those observed in smokers. It is a painful disease that can create the risk of cutting fingers, feet and legs with stem cell transplants. Patients can avoid the risk of amputation and improve their quality of life.

Neurosurgery applications:

After spinal cord injuries, and stem cell applications for patients. It is noted that they can perform their functions such as the ability to move their feet and go to toilet and live a better quality of life.

Neuroscience applications:

Pediatric stem cell applications who suffer from muscle wasting (Duchenne muscular dystrophy) and cerebral palsy have reduced disease progression.

Good manufacturing practices add global quality to health in regenerative medicine production:

“Good manufacturing practices” standards are quality standards that are mandatory for human health, especially in the production of pharmaceutical products. Ensures that medicinal products are continuously manufactured and controlled according to certain quality standards so that they are suitable for use.

Our center is one of many centers in Turkey and the world, which has been performing its activities accredited by the Ministry of Health since 2014 within the framework of the standards of the global monitoring program.

Clean room conditions, it is a working area in which the surrounding conditions are controlled by conducting a continuous count of particles in the area that is regularly ventilated and the filtered air. The total area is classified according to this air flow with quality decreasing from B to C according to the air quality.

It is the area where the production of class B cellular products is of the highest air and pressure quality. Production operations are carried out in a biosafety category of this category.

The quality of the products manufactured is monitored using the advanced technology tests in the field of air quality control of the C class.

These tests consist of genetic, microbiological and immunological tests.

Experienced, professional staff work wearing sterile and field-protected clothes. The produced products are distributed as all quality control requirements are met.

Products to be stored for long-term storage in cold storage devices can be stored in Class B and C air quality zones without losing any quality. All equipment of the center is inspected by independent and accredited organizations as verification and calibration every year and all operations are recorded. It is inspected once a month by central staff and hospitals and once a year by the ministry of health. All records by statutory auditor.

Production and research laboratory

Tissues and cells used in regeneration mechanisms can be produced in our production and research laboratories at the medical regeneration center. These cellular products are used in many areas such as burns, scars, aging treatments, breast reconstruction, cartilages, tendons, and soft tissue injuries.

Clinical practice department

Cellular products obtained in the production and research laboratory of our regenerative medical center can be used in many fields, especially orthopedics and plastic surgery.

In Turkey care group center, which offers clinical treatments in the field of regenerative medicine, as follows:

  • Treating cartilage tissue problems.
  • Tendons injuries treatment.
  • Management of pain caused by excessive use.
  • Eliminate acute muscle and soft tissue problems.
  • Treating common degenerative diseases.
  • Treating diabetic foot wounds.
  • Treating legs weakness and non-healing wounds.
  • Anti-aging treatments.
  • Treating open wounds.
  • Facial and body filling treatments.
  • Scars treatment.
  • Treating burn scars.

Regenerative medicine for bones and joints:

Regenerative medicine is a new field of medicine that allows the treatment of damaged tissues with biological products.

In regenerative medicine applications, the body’s ability to self-repair damaged tissues and the effect of stem cells plays major roles.

In regenerative medicine applications, live functional tissues are used to repair and regenerate tissues that have lost their function due to aging, diseases, trauma, or congenital disorders.

Nowadays, with the development of cellular treatments and stem cell applications, cartilage damage can be improved.

Cellular therapies by stem cell may produce different therapeutic properties in the joint. Cellular therapies can be used to treat the development of acute and chronic injuries, ligament injuries, cartilage loss and degenerative joint diseases.

Is cellular therapy safe?

Based on our recent research and clinical experience that we have done recently; we can say that the cellular therapy / stem cell applications are safe for the joints.

Regenerative medicine can play an important role not only in treating damage after the problem has developed, but also in the field of preventive medicine that prevents problems from occurring.

Regenerative medicine in plastic surgery

Plastic surgery is the branch of medicine that deals with functional and aesthetic reform of tissue deficiency / damage in the body. Therefore, it is in close relationship with regenerative medicine.

With the developments in regenerative medicine, new horizons have been opened in plastic surgery applications. Stem cells are used to repair tissue damage due to time, disease, and accidents.

Cells taken from the individual can be replicated in high-tech laboratories and applied to problem areas.

There is another method used in plastic surgery is to make use of the area where the sleeping stem cells are


These areas are the fat stores in the body. Cells can be injected into the requested area within an hour and a half, it is taken in about 10 minutes in the surgical environment. In this method, laboratory conditions are not required as the cells are not tampered with.

The fields of use of the regenerative medicine in plastic surgery:

1- Regeneration of the body to treat aging:

Changes occur in all our body cells due to aging. The organ that we notice these changes quickly and clearly is the skin. You may experience sagging skin, wrinkles, and adipose tissue breakdown.

In order to solve these problems, biopsy or liposuction methods are taken from the person’s adipose tissue.

Regenerative cells are separated into adipose tissue by various processes and injected into the areas the person needs.

2Treating nonclosed wounds

Under normal circumstances, when our tissues are damaged by environmental diseases or factors, our body has the ability to regenerate itself. However, in some cases, this damage can reach a size that cannot be reformed by itself. For example, some patients may develop non-obstructive wounds due to blood loss or chemotherapy / radiotherapy. Regenerative cells obtained from the patient’s tissues can be used to treat non-obstructive wounds.

3 The face

Due to aging, the adipose tissue in the face and body may decrease or be displaced. For example, the adipose tissue on the cheekbones disappears or progresses downward over time.

The situation is similar to the adipose tissue in some parts of the body.

Regenerative medicine applications in plastic surgery. The fillings are prepared from regenerative cells taken from the individual’s tissues and injected when necessary. Thanks to these fillings, it is possible to have a more natural and lasting look than anything artificial.

4 Treating scars

When the integrity of the skin is damaged by injuries, diseases and surgeries, the wound occurs. While it is possible to heal the wound without scarring during the body’s self-reform process, in some cases there may be scarring depending on the characteristics of the wound.

Formation of the wound, depth, presence of infection, site, and scarring are among the factors that influence the configuration. Regenerative cells obtained from a person’s body can be used to remove scars successfully in the treatment of wounds and scars on the body and face.

5 Treatment of burn scars

Due to accidents and neglect. Burns, sunburn, flame burns, chemical burns. Burns may have burn marks, depending on the degree of damage, temperature, and exposure time.

Some scars may be permanent, just like scars. Today, thanks to developments in regenerative medicine, burn scars can be treated. From the patient regenerative cells, it is possible to heal chronic burning tissues such as third-degree burns.

6Breast reconstruction (restructuring)

Breast tissue can be taken in whole or in part in the treatment of cancer patients. It is known that these surgeries can cause negative psychological effects on many women. In order to eliminate this position, mastectomy and aesthetic surgery is performed simultaneously or sequentially and breast reconstruction is provided. Regenerative medicine can be used for breast reconstruction.

Cell therapy applications in our center

Plasma therapy:

Blood, the vital fluid circulating in our veins, makes up a third of our body weight. The liquid part outside the cellular elements in the blood …

Cell culture method:

Stem cell concentrations obtained from bone marrow and adipose tissue applied in the treatment of orthopedic diseases are by cells …

Cellular products obtained from bone marrow applications and regenerative medicine

Cartilage lesions – diabetic foot wounds – leg weakness in terms of Nutritional – Bone marrow cells are used to treat non-healing wounds.

Plasma therapy of bone and joints

plasma platelets is the abbreviation of Platelet Rich Plasma. Platelets enriched with plasma. In particular; Cartilage damage …

Cellular products obtained from adipose tissue and regenerative medicine applications

One of the important stem cell sources is adipose tissue.

Stem cells obtained from adipose tissue are used especially in the treatment of cartilage …

For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, “You just have to send all the medical information, tests, analyzes and written information about the condition of the disease, etc. by via social media, whats app and viber or you can directly contact our consultants via the numbers on the site.

After taking all the information required, we will assess the condition of the disease within only 24 hours of receiving your information and will provide you with all information about the treatment plan, details of treatment, treatment costs, duration of stay in Turkey and other services in our center.      

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