Physical Therapy and Robotic Rehabilitation Centre


Physical Therapy and Robotic Rehabilitation Centre

Turkey Healthcare Group Hospital Center is the first and only for physiotherapy and rehabilitation in Turkey. Our goal is to make Turkey Health Care Group Hospital Center the world’s most famous hospital in the field of physiotherapy. We continue to develop our quality and humanitarian work.

The physiotherapy and robotic rehabilitation center implement special treatment programs to improve the conditions of congenital disability or caused by any part of life that greatly affects the quality of life or separating the person from social life.

Considering work conditions and lifestyle today in almost every branch of modern medicine; The Department of Physiotherapy and Rehabilitation, which manages treatment programs with a patient-specific approach, becomes increasingly important to patients to restore their daily life activities, return to their career and continue their social lives effectively.

Turkey Healthcare Group offers you the center for physiotherapy and robotic rehabilitation, various treatment methods are formed according to the requirements of modern medicine and advanced technologies are also used widely.

Şişli physiotherapy center, the rehabilitation center, the facilities for general physiotherapy and rehabilitation services, as well as the use of special technology according to the international standards. In some aspects, the robotic rehabilitation center can also be considered a reference in Turkey.

The neurological and robotic rehabilitation center provides the highest level of treatment in the rehabilitation of all neurological diseases in the form of mixing classic and new technological methods.

Turkey Healthcare Group provides the services of the neurological and robotic rehabilitation center as follows:

  • Robotic-Assisted Gait Training.
  • Robotic-Assisted Training of Arm and Hand.
  • Training of coordinating balance gait.
  • Computerized balance studies and fall prevention.
  • Hand rehabilitation program.
  • Occupational therapy.
  • Speech – swallowing therapy.
  • Physiotherapy rehabilitation therapies such as non- surgical deep brain stimulation.

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill develops trusted, leading-edge rehab and training equipment using NASA Differential Air Pressure technology. The Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ technology empowers people to move in new ways and without pain – to recover mobility, improve wellness, and enhance physical performance.

The AlterG® Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ integrates patented, NASA Differential Air Pressure (DAP) technology, a precise air calibration system, and real-time information to change what’s possible in rehab and training.

Using a pressurized air chamber to uniformly reduce gravitational load and body weight in precise 1% increments, AlterG enables patients and athletes to move unrestricted and pain-free – restoring and building muscle strength, range of motion, balance, function, and fitness. No other unweighting technology offers as much freedom, control, and versatility.

Lokomat: Robot-assisted walking

It is the most used robot for patients who are unable to walk / walking robot which is also called (motor robot). In this system, the patient exercises the walking, so that it is completely similar to the usual walking. It consists of a leg support system and two automatic feet that can be adjusted separately for each of the lower limbs. It works in conjunction with a special walking path and a system to support body weight.

Its goal is to enable the patient to progress in walking step-by-step. The device is connected to a computer that reads data and records the progress of the condition. Continuous repetition of motions stimulates walking reflections in the nervous system, especially in the motor centers of the spinal cord in the first stage the patient stands on the machine then he/she raised and tied securely and as soon as it is installed , the device begins to move automatically, in a coordinated manner and this robot is used in the treatment of nerve injuries.

Armeo Power Hand and Arm Robot

It is the method of neurological rehabilitation of the arm, it is used in the disorders of the upper limb (for example due to stroke) as a result of diseases of the central nervous system. It is a treatment method that restores the skill of mobility similar to that it was before the injury in addition to helping other rehabilitation methods. This robot is used in the treatment of neurological injuries.

AMADEO Robotic Fingers

The Amadeo system is the only finger rehabilitation device that allows each finger to work independently or collectively including the thumb. Amadeo is a mechatronic rehabilitation device in the field of robotic rehabilitation. It is used in motion dysfunction in the far parts of the upper limb, this robot is used in the treatment of nerve injuries.

Arrigo Robotic foot

It is the key to early treatment of most neurological injuries as it is one of the safest devices for the patient.

The device works to support the movement of the feet until the patient reaches the best results. The device contributes to reducing muscle spasm and it also contributes to increasing blood flow. This robot is used in the treatment of nerve injuries and foot drop.


It is used with patients who suffer from neurological or orthopedic injuries and this type of treatment is useful as studies have proven that hydrotherapy contributes to restoring balance for the patient and it is used extensively with patients who have problems at the hip, hydrotherapy has great benefits to restore the function of the arms and relax the muscle.

Spinal decompression system

The spinal decompression system is used with patients who suffer from lower back pain and neck problems, especially the Spinal disc stenosis. The device works objectively, it targets the injured spine. The patient does not feel any pain while undergoing to the treatment. It is one of the most effective devices in dealing with the resulting pain from the herniated disk, as the vertical traction contributes to the expansion of the intervertebral distance, which leads to the release of the compressing nerve.

Rehabilitation therapy for patients with hemiplegia

The stroke occurs in the event that the oxygen supply to the brain is interrupted, which leads to damage to the cells of the injured area of ​​it, thus it affects the motor or cognitive functions of the body belonging to that region.

The injured side of the body is determined by identifying stroke injured part in the brain, the start of the rehabilitation procedure should not be postponed except in very few cases such as cerebral hemorrhage persists or severe heart disorders that require the patient not to move at all.

Early and intensive physiotherapy, using advanced robotic devices for the leg, hand and fingers, in addition to the intensive treatment exercises implemented by specialists in the field of physiotherapy and rehabilitation, all of which help the patient to return to his life gradually, naturally, or closer to normal.

Multiple Sclerosis

It is a disease that often leads to exhaustion, as the body’s immune system damages the membrane surrounding the nerves. This damage or erosion of the membrane negatively affects the communication process between the brain and the rest of the body parts. Ultimately, the nerves themselves may be damaged.

The symptoms of multiple sclerosis are different and varied, depending on the injured nerves and the severity of the injury. In difficult cases, multiple sclerosis patients lose the ability to walk or speak sometimes, it is difficult to diagnose the disease in its early stages, because symptoms often appear and then disappear, and may disappear for several months.

Multiple sclerosis therapy

Multiple sclerosis therapy is concentrated in general on the resistance (treatment) of autoimmune reaction and control of symptoms, it is divided into two parts:

Drug therapy:

The drugs that are common and known to treat to this disease are many, the most important of which are Corticosteroids, which is the most prevalent treatment for multiple sclerosis, as it traps and reduces inflammation, which usually intensifies in seizures.


The treatment aims to control the symptoms associated with the disease and stop its development, where the patient is taught and trained about exercises for stretching and strengthening, and the patient is instructed on how to use devices that can facilitate daily life.

Treatment of speech problems and swallowing difficulties therapy

It is a science that focuses on assessment and rehabilitation for patients suffer from speech, voice and swallowing disorders.

In the rehabilitation center, the patients who have previously suffered from stroke, neurological diseases or traumatic brain injuries, genetic or acquired syndromes, or have previously undergone laryngectomy, tracheostomy, etc., are included in the speech therapy and rehabilitation program for swallowing difficulties.

Curable disorders:

  • Communication disorders – speech – aphasia, inability to perform, and slurred speech.
  • Speech disorders, stuttering and mumbling
  • Voice disorders, voice dysfunction and lack of it.
  • Chewing disorders – swallowing (dysphagia).

For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, “You just have to send all the medical information, tests, analyzes and written information about the condition of the disease, etc. by via social media, whats app and viber or you can directly contact our consultants via the numbers on the site.

After taking all the information required, we will assess the condition of the disease within only 24 hours of receiving your information and will provide you with all information about the treatment plan, details of treatment, treatment costs, duration of stay in Turkey and other services in our center.      

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