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Liver And Kidney Transplant in Turkey

Organs used for transplant surgeries are obtained from living people (usually related donors) or from a cadaver.

The success rates of kidney transplantation in our center are increasing every year according to the response to the reception of the new organ, in addition to centers in the case of research and continuous development in terms of modern technology.

In comparison with other organ transplants, such as heart, lung and liver transplants, the kidney transplant process is considered a successful and guaranteed operation. It is also known that the kidney transplant is the second most common transplant surgery.

We perform approximately 1,500 total transplants annually

The only solution for patients with kidney failure is to have a kidney transplant, and a kidney is transported from the healthy donor, the healthy donor has to come with the patient to the hospital and they have to do Pre-Transplant Screening.

with its world-famous academic staff and specialist physicians, and health personal specialized on post organ transplantation patient care, provides service at international standards.

The duration of the kidney transplant preparation is 4 days only



Turkey is one of the leading countries in health care and offers the best medical facilities at reasonable prices. Health care facilities and medical facilities in Turkey are proud to be the leading provider of organ transplant surgeries in Europe and the Middle East and other chronic issues.


Laws of the Ministry of Health regarding kidney transplant in Turkey

Organ transplant laws in Turkey require that the donor be at least a fourth degree relative of the patient to agree to make the operation.

A Turkish person cannot donate to a foreigner in Turkey.

Kidney transplant specialists in Turkey have the latest equipment to treat a range of kidney diseases including acute kidney failure, known as the end of the stage of kidney failure.

One of the advantages of kidney transplant operations in Turkey is affordable costs. Patients with kidney failure need to undergo regular dialysis, which leads to an increase in the cost to the patient.



Conditions for a kidney transplant in Turkey

-The living donor (a family member) or from a person who has died clinically (if the mind dies while other systems continue to operate normally)

-The blood type of the donor is compatible with the patient.


Blood group matching: Conditions for matching blood groups to the kidney transplant:

There are four types of blood consisting of blood group A, B, AB and O. Another factor is a major factor called Rh, and it adds positive or negative to the blood types mentioned, so that each of us has a blood type such as A or B + and so on.

However, the positive or negative factor is only related to a specific cell type in the blood and this factor is not part of the kidneys. Thus, the positive or negative blood type is not related to the matching of the kidneys between the kidney donor and the patient.

A patient with blood type O can only obtain the kidney from a donor with blood group O. A patient with blood group A may receive the kidney from a blood donor O or A.The recipient with AB blood type can receive from any blood type.

Tissue matching: The closer the degree of matching between donor and recipient tissues, the greater the age of the transplanted kidneys.

However, in cases of alternative kidney transplantation (couples and non-relatives of the patient), tissue matching is not so important, because the patient has no other option. By using a method to measure the activity of the immune system in the body, doctors can identify the tissue opposites before a transplant.



Mechanism for studying the treatment plan for the patient (information required from patients)

For the patient:

  • The patient’s age
  • Weight and height
  • blood type
  • Analyzes of kidney enzymes calcium, sodium and others
  • Pivot tomography and kidney sonar
  • Complete information about the patient’s condition, the medications the patient uses, and information on the dialysis sessions per week
  • Operations that the patient underwent previously, and whether there are problems of chronic diseases of the patient or not.


For the donor:

  • Age of the donor
  • Weight and height
  • blood type
  • Operations for those who underwent the donor and whether he has chronic disease problems or not.
  • General comprehensive analysis of the donor status



For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, you just have to send all the medical information, tests and analyzes about the patient through the site, WhatsApp and Viber, or you can contact us directly to the consultant doctors directly through the numbers on the site.

After taking all the required information, we will evaluate the patient’s condition within 8 hours of receiving information, and we will provide you with all information about the treatment plan, details of treatment, treatment costs, and length of stay in Turkey and other services of our institution.


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