Health Screening – General Health Check Centre Pediatric & Adults

Health Screening - General Health Check Centre Pediatric & Adults
Health Screening – General Health Check Centre Pediatric & Adults


Health Screening – General Health Check Centre Pediatric & Adults


An international center for patients that provides comprehensive examination services to our foreign patients with high-quality efficiency, high technology, employees and consultants with international experience for a screening program in the top global hospitals.

Our hospital provides medical prevention in all available medical exams. And in short time, patients receive the results of their medical examinations for all body systems.

The medical team and medical consultants are always working on the convenience of patients as a main goal. Turkey Health Care Group provides you with all the required services.

A comprehensive examination is an evaluation of the early condition of the disease and the early diagnosis of a disease

The examination is for healthcare for early diagnosis of some diseases, especially cancer, which is very important. Therefore, the early diagnosis of such diseases increases the success of treatment as a result of the examination carried out by people during the follow-up of doctors and comprehensive medical tests that are performed annually.

Early treatment in every field of medicine and in every disease can increase a person’s comfort and give chance for long life.

The tests shall be in standardized observation of each patient case; Blood group, (liver, kidney, etc.) tests, blood sedimentation, cholesterol and fat levels, thyroid test, hepatitis test, complete urine analysis, abdominal ultrasound scans, chest radiography, electrocardiogram and other required checks etc.

People over the age of 40 should make comprehensive tests annually. It is recommended that additional tests be carried out for eye exams, heart exams and cancer screening with or without family risk.

Those who have a family risk should not wait till they get 40 years old to take these tests. Those in the risk group should take additional tests of the risks to which they are exposed in the 30s.

The other reason for conducting general check-ups is to identify potential disease risks by age, gender, and smoking, especially in women, and hormonal periods (such as menopause), to check for risks of diabetes, coronary artery disease, stroke, and cancer.

Additional screening tests for those at risk of coronary artery disease in the family; Cholesterol, fatigue test and cardiac echo.

Women may get cancer, especially if the family have history of cancer, and at least they perform comprehensive checks once a year; It must be taken with correct treatment, breast ultrasound, mammography, and lung function tests.

Men also suffer from the disease, especially family have history of cancer, specific prostate analyzes and tests, and lung function tests, and tomography.

It is extremely important that every healthy person performs comprehensive exams annually because health is the most important in our life. Your life deserves comprehensive exams.

In Turkey Healthcare Group, your health checks are accompanied by examination consultants with your specialist doctor with special programs that suit your age, gender, profession and living standards for your life.

Lab tests:

  • Analyzes of liver enzymes that are used to diagnose liver disease, bile ducts, and heart disease.
  • Glucose analyzes help in screening, diagnosing, and monitoring diabetes.
  • Cholesterol analyzes are used for the purpose of identifying risks in terms of cardiovascular disease, assessing cholesterol metabolism, and regulating and monitoring diet.
  • Cholesterol, cholesterol
  • Triglyceride
  • Analyzes of whole blood levels – erythrocytes, platelets, etc. are used to diagnose various blood diseases, especially anemia, and many other diseases.
  • Analyzes of creatinine kidney enzymes are used in early diagnosis and follow-up of kidney disease.
  • Urine test
  • Prostate tests
  • PSA Prostate Test is a prostate cancer screening test.
  • Uric acid is used in the diagnosis and control of gout and kidney disease.
  • Hepatitis B surface antigen test
  • Gland hormones analyzes detect and monitor thyroid diseases.
  • Heart tests are used to measure the risk of a heart attack.
  • Calcium, potassium and other tests


Radiology exams

A chest x-ray image of the lungs with x-rays used to assess the heart and respiratory system.

Computed tomography of the abdomen organs (kidneys, liver, gallbladder, pancreas, spleen, ovary, uterus, prostate, lymph nodes and large vessels) are used to identify diseases and abnormalities.


Cardiac tests:

Echo-imaging and stress testing is used to assess umbilical coronary heart disease.

Echocardiography is used to assess heart function which used to assess heart function.


Physical examinations

  • Internal and general physical examination, evaluation of results and clarification of follow-up and recommendations.
  • Urological examination
  • Cardiology examination
  • Eye diseases examination
  • Teeth examination


These are all special checks for our businessmen patients and administrators in all our hospitals under the control of Turkey Healthcare Group.

Full check up for Managers (Women in charge):


Turkey Health Care Group Center offers the best comprehensive examinations, tests, analyzes and others evaluate your case at the beginning of communication with us and a comprehensive examination plan will be studied according to your situation by adjusting your comprehensive exams and your health after collecting all your health information about your case.

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