Genetic Diagnosis centre


Genetic Diagnosis Centre

Genetic laboratory

Genetic Laboratory, a unit of the Clinical Laboratory, the Diagnostic Center for Genetic Diseases, considered suitable for the study of cellular / molecular genetics. The center first began researching the problems of infertile couples and working mainly on “genital genetics” where specific problems can be solved through IVF treatments.

Diagnostic and treatment techniques have been applied to couples with genetic diseases, to have healthy children and to treat sick children. It is currently one of the few centers in the world that can apply these technologies, but it has become the second in the world in terms of the number of patients.

Our staff includes 6 biologists and physicians specializing in cytogenetic laboratory and molecular cytogenetic laboratory.

  • In the cell laboratory, chromosome analysis are performed from blood, amniocentesis, and tissue samples.
  • In a cellular molecular laboratory, a fluorescent hybridization analysis can be performed by applying fluorescent pigments to the same type of samples, and a genetic diagnosis can be applied to embryos when necessary in the same way.
  • In the molecular laboratory, samples such as blood and amniocentesis can be examined for the molecular diagnosis of various diseases by DNA isolation. In addition, a genetic diagnosis can be applied to fetuses in hereditary diseases.
  • More studies can be done in this lab with a very big working group.


When you should ask for genetic counselling:

1 –You have a genetic disease

  • Single gene disease is the dominant or recessive bodily inherited somatic inheritance
  • Chromosome disorders (numerical disorders)
  • Multifactorial diseases (blood, heart, kidneys, bone disease, and cancer)
  • Mitochondrial diseases

2-  children with genetic diseases


    • One or more birth defects
    • Growth retardation and short stature
    • Mental retardation and relatives of these patients.
    • Diagnosis of genetic disease
    • Methods of Treatment
    • Determine the risk of recurrence
    • Guiding people at risk


    4- Relationship (distribution of relatives in the family)

    5 – teratogenic factor

    6- Frequent pregnancy loss

    7 – Old mother

    8- Infertility (male and female factors)


    Genetic counseling is to provide information about the disease path, methods of treatment, risks of recurrence, and methods of treatment with testing and results.

    The counselor may be a geneticist, physician or biologist in other specialized fields trained in this field. The primary task of these genetic counselors is to provide the family with accurate and complete information about the disease being discussed and provide solutions.


    Genetic Diseases Center

Turkey Health Care Group Center The additional center for gynecology and obstetrics diagnosis at the service of international laboratories provides services for all genetic diseases.

In our genetic medical centers, we provide clinical diagnostic services by evaluating patients with any suspected disease.

Patients of any age suffer from a genetic disease in their family or their family members can apply to our center to examine them and obtain a clinical diagnosis, and the tests necessary for a genetic diagnosis of the disease can be planned. Patients can apply for genetic counseling with their results.

Before genetic counseling, the diagnosis of the disease must be completed. For this reason, the geneticist must take a detailed history of the family, and the family chromosome tree must be removed.


If the patient is a child, his parents have to come to give information about the family history and the family tree, the information must be taken directly from the parents themselves. Sick children and family members should be examined.

Chromosome analysis, DNA analysis, enzyme levels, and many other tests may be required to determine the disease or in cases where the disease is identified but genetics cannot be determined.

The risks identified during these procedures may vary from the recurrence of the risk in a new pregnancy for couples to the risk that all their children will get the disease.

When the disease is diagnosed or genetically determined, the family will be notified of the problems that the disease may cause, the consequences, the risks in new pregnancies, and what to do before and after pregnancy.

The Genetic Diagnostic Center operates in our medical genetics hospitals and the center contains patient rooms, physical examination, a genetic counseling office, training, molecular diagnostic laboratories, cell genetics, and tissue transplant laboratories.

Genetic Diagnostic Center is the first university laboratory with medical laboratory accreditation and our laboratory is equipped with the latest technology and our goal is to become a reference laboratory in Turkey.


Who needs treatment at the genetic diagnosis center?

  • Patients with a history of miscarriage for more than two times
  • IVF test failed
  • Sterility
  • Age of pregnant mother ( 35+ years)
  • High risk detection in 2 or 3 tests during pregnancy
  • Anomaly is detected in the baby during pregnancy
  • Premarital counseling
  • A genetic disease in the family
  • History of hereditary diseases of the first child
  • History of cancer before the age of forty (breast or intestine)
  • A multiple family history of cancer
  • Mediterranean anemia (thalassemia)
  • Familial Mediterranean fever
  • Gender disorders
  • Muscle diseases
  • Mental retardation, growth retardation
  • Diagnosis and follow-up of children with short stature or multiple organ abnormalities
  • hearing and vision problems.


Cell Genetics Laboratory

In a cytogenetic laboratory, cytogenetic tests are performed for prenatal and postnatal diagnosis and a chromosome analysis is routinely performed.


Molecular Cell Genetics Laboratory

At the Cellular Molecular Genetics Laboratory, we have a visual analysis system that allows us to analyze more cells in a shorter period of time compared to routine applications and to provide a more accurate and rapid service in precancerous genetics and prenatal diagnosis.


Molecular Diagnostic Laboratory

The Molecular Genetics Laboratory performs DNA or RNA tests in addition to our list of routine molecular tests. Additional tests are designed and performed according to the needs and demands of physicians who treat multiple clinic patients with genetic disorders that the doctor rarely sees.

Clinical genetics of cancer

Especially in the early stage of cancer genetics syndromes and provides advice in patient follow-up.

Breast and central ovarian cancer, bowel cancer, skin cancer, medullary thyroid cancer, and rare cancers are able to detect changes in the genes that make them susceptible to various cancers.

Our centers, which are in contact with most of the advanced centers in the world, aim to provide the same services according to international standards.


Preimplantation genetic diagnosis

In addition to routine prenatal and postnatal diagnostic procedures, a pre-implantation genetic diagnosis is performed at our center to give patients with hereditary diseases the opportunity to have children.


Molecular analysis of the nucleus / chromosome

The new technology, which is used in genetic laboratories around the world, is able to discover the number of copies of the entire genome and more than 140 genetic diseases with one test in our center using the CGH group method.

  • Preimplantation genetic diagnosis
  • Genetic counseling
  • What is a genetic diagnosis before pregnancy
  • Genetic diagnosis after birth
  • Endogamy
  • Cellular genetics
  • Molecular cell genetics
  • Pregnancy examination for the disease before pregnancy
  • leukocyte antigen
  • Chromosome examination 24
  • Trisomy (triasome)


The Genetic Diagnostic Center performs routine diagnostic analyzes and also conducts training studies and genetic research. Doctors have followed the recent developments in Turkey and the world from medical genetics studies and research.

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