Genetic Diagnosis centre


Genetic Diagnosis Centre


Our international center for the diagnosis, research and treatment of genetic diseases is one of the most important centers in this field in Turkey.

Do you know how we can determine the person’s height, hair color, and eye color at the Genetic Research Center?



Is it possible at times to differ from parents, and not even to have similarities between parents and children?

What are the reasons that make the newborn carry diseases that exist in the family or relatives?

The answer to all of these questions is in the DNA in our cells (DNA) which is responsible for storing all the information in terms of appearance, cells, organs and tissues.

DNA is a chromosome present in cells in the form of a thread attached to the side, the length of a molecule up to one and a half meters.

DNA defects in genes, or changes in fetal chromosomes of anyone can cause some genetic diseases.

We can also notice diseases in our family through the genes we receive from our parents. These diseases are called genetic diseases.


Heart, kidney, and lung diseases, cancers, blood diseases, bone resorption, asthma, allergies, and immune system diseases, like many diseases can be hereditary. In addition, environmental and genetic factors may be involved in the development of these diseases.

At the Center for Diagnosing Genetic Diseases in Turkey Health Care Group and with the help of advanced devices, we can analyze DNA and chromosome, and early diagnosis of these diseases can be achieved. It is possible to identify antigens that are of great importance in organ and tissue transplantation, and to identify the disease in people at risk of infection With hereditary disease.


Services provided at the Center for Genetic Diseases Diagnosis and Research:


  • IVF treatment, genetic diagnosis before embryo fall
  • Embryo chromosome arrangement via NGS technique
  • Genetic examination for tissue matching
  • Genetic examination of DNA and their sequences via chromosome arrangement
  • Genetic diagnosis before and after birth
  • Endogamy and Genetic disorder
  • Cell tests to distinguish genetic diseases
  • Molecular genetics
  • For patients with a genetic disease, genetic counseling
  • Triploid syndrome (NIFTY test)
  • Important information about drug treatment used in SMA disease


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