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What is Gamma knife radiosurgery?

Gamma Knife is a non-invasive stereotactic radiosurgery instrument that involves no scalpel or incision – it is not a knife at all. Instead, Gamma Knife uses up to 201 precisely focused beams of radiation to control malignant and nonmalignant tumors, as well as vascular and functional disorders in the brain, without harming surrounding healthy tissue.


Patients are typically in and out of the hospital in a day’s time – and back to their normal routines soon after treatment. Gamma Knife radiosurgery may be used in place of, or in addition to, traditional surgery or whole brain radiation, depending on a patient’s diagnosis.



Unlike linear accelerator (LINAC) systems, which treat targets in the brain as well as other parts of the body, Gamma Knife is a “dedicated system” designed exclusively and optimized to treat targets in the head.


Gamma Knife does not require general anesthesia, nor does it involve the risks associated with open surgery, such as hemorrhage, infection, cerebral spinal fluid leaks or other surgical morbidities.

Hallmarks of Gamma Knife radiosurgery treatment includes precise target definition, exquisite conformity of the dose to the target while sparing normal brain and sub-millimeter accuracy of treatment delivery. Gamma Knife’s unique design enables the treatment of challenging brain tumors, trigeminal neuralgia, vestibular schwannoma, acoustic neuromas, vascular malformations, essential tremor and many other conditions.

Because the radiation delivered with Gamma Knife is highly focused, with limited exposure of radiation to normal brain tissue, published reports describe fewer side effects compared to conventional radiation therapy. Additional studies have documented that Gamma Knife delivers 2-3 times lower dose to normal structures compared to other radiosurgery devices.


Gamma Knife has the most established clinical track record and largest clinical evidence base of any radiosurgery system.


Published studies indicate Gamma Knife delivers less dose to normal brain than other radiosurgery systems and less complications compared to whole brain radiation therapy or open surgery


The number of peer-reviewed, published scientific articles documenting patient outcomes with Gamma Knife far exceeds that for any other form of stereotactic radiosurgery. Gamma Knife centers have published more than 2,800 papers and have treated more than 1 million patients worldwide during the last 40 years.

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