First Aid Centre

First Aid Centre
First Aid Centre

First Aid Centre

First Aid

Every person is vulnerable to injury in any situation, whether at work or outside, so the injured person is being first aided essentially and vitally, in order to reduce the complications that a person may be exposed to as a result of the injury. The first aid also helps to quicken the care for the injured person at the position of the event, which prevents any complications or other injuries

First aid targets

Prevent the death of the injured person, this is done by:

  • Stop the bleeding.
  • a reawareness of the injured person.
  • re-opening of respiratory tracts if they are blocked.

To help expedite the recovery of the injured person by:

  • alleviating the pain of the injured person
  • reassure the injured person of his/her condition.
  • cover the patient, in order to maintain the heat of his/her body.
  • treating different conditions for what is appropriate.

Be careful not to deteriorate the injured person’s condition, this is done by:

  • Cleaning the wound
  • Immobilizing the fractures
  • positioning the injured person in a suitable position; in the event of dyspnea, the injured person must be put in the semi-fowlers position (half sitting), in the event of a shock the injured person ‘s head should be lower than its body level, and in the event of abdominal injury the injured person should lie with his/her knees bent, with a cushion between the legs and the thigh, so that the lower muscles are comfortable.

First Aid Principles

  • taking control of the event place completely.
  • a person is not considered dead, even if the aspects of life such as pulse or breathing are removed.
  • Keep the injured person away from the source of the danger.
  • Caring for the cardiac resuscitation, artificial respiration, and shock.
  • Take care of the injured person before being transferred to the hospital.
  • Caring for the comfort of the injured person.
  • Caring for the recording and archiving all information related to the accident and the procedures followed.

The importance of first aid

Familiarity with the methods of first aid is necessary for everyone in society, it is extremely important, especially in the first minutes of a person’s injury, it is possible that the injured person’s recovery depends on the speed of his/her aid in the correct way, so all workers and producers in factories and various establishments must fully know the rules of first aid, so that they can contribute to reducing the pain that is caused by the injury, and work to prevent any complications that threaten the life of the injured person.

The paramedic

He is the person who provides first aid, and who cares for the injured person, where he is qualified to do the first aid, by obtaining the appropriate training in one of the specialized health centers, and that he possesses the information that helps him to provide the first aid to those who need it and in the correct way in order to save his life.

The paramedic‘s attributes

  • Honesty and loyalty.
  • He/she is distinguished by his good manners.
  • Keeping the information of the injured person confidential.
  • The quick thinking.
  • Self-confidence
  • Adequate knowledge of theoretical information
  • Training in first aid by participating in ambulance operations effectively under the supervision of a specialized paramedic, or by applying first aid to one of the stereoscopic models.

The paramedic‘s duties

  • Keeping curious people away from the injured person.
  • Note that the injured person does not stop breathing.
  • Notify the police of any injury.
  • Calling the doctor immediately when the injury occurs.
  • Providing all the necessary things for first aid, such as pressure bandages, splints, and wounds disinfectants.
  • Doing first aid for trauma if it occurs.
  • Do not harm the person who suffers from coma, but he must be warmed, because the cause of the coma may be a bleeding in the brain, or eating toxic substances, or an increase in glucose, or metal poisoning
  • Interrogating the injured person in the event of a criminal case, and preserving all information that is useful to the investigation

Determining the condition of the injured person to be aid, and that is by performing several procedures, they are:

  • Interrogating the injured person in order to obtain the date of the injury, and then check him up thoroughly. In the event of a faint that is not known because of it whether the injured person is alive or dead, first aid should be made to him as alive until the opposite is proven.
  • Work to stop the bleeding in any way.
  • In the event that the patient suffers from fractures, the paramedic must place the broken organ into a temporary splint.
  • Caring for the injured person with neurotrauma, by warming him with hot fluids.
  • Managing any means of transportation in order to transfer the injured person to any nearby hospital.
  • Measuring vital signs of the injured person.
  • Checking up the injured person completely with attention to the injury, whether big or small
  • You must not be nervous or subject to emotions, but you must maintain chilled out
First Aid Centre
First Aid Centre

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