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International center for treating ENT diseases


Turkey Healthcare Group Center offers you all the Laparoscopic surgical operations, the nose, ear and throat and everything you care about operations is in Turkey Healthcare Group.

Turkey Healthcare Group provides you with NET experienced specialized doctors where the adults and children patients are treated for diseases and disorders of the ear, nose throat, head and neck.

We have experienced specialists known as consultant otolaryngology and their support team of nurses and technicians, providing high levels of treatment through the recruitment of advanced medical equipment.

The outer ear, middle ear, eardrum, nose, throat, vocal ropes, The upper part of the esophagus (pharynx) and neuropathology the face is a medical field that deals with diagnosis and treatment.

The nasal cavity and nasal sinus and allergy problems, annular gland, tonsil sensory problems, nasal breathing difficulties, hearing disorders, balance caused by the ear and/or inner ear, inflammation, vocal cords, laryngology, speech problems, and sound problems are evaluated by the section, upper esophagus, problems of swallowing and breathing, and oncology of nose and throat.


Some of the pathological conditions the patients suffer that cause nose, ear and throat problems are as follows:

  • dizziness
  • Burning, itching and ditching in the eyes
  • Sneezing
  • Nasal fluids leaks and itching
  • Nosebleed
  • Earache
  • Humming, sounds
  • Hypoacusis
  • Ear fluids leaks
  • Sore throat
  • Loss of voice
  • Jaw pain
  • Snoring that causes frequent vigilance and headache
  • Cough
  • Headache
  • Hyperthermia

In the presence of these findings, it will be appropriate to consult with the NET specialist.

Routine nose, ear and larynx checks are performed by nasal endoscopy, ear endoscopy, and laryngeal and voice disorders by video endoscopy.

In addition, audiometry and pure speech testing, audiometric reflection, audiometry and impedance, brain audiometry, neonatal audiometry (audiovisual emission) are performed in in the audiological laboratory to assess all types of hypoacusis.

The treatment plan is clarified for the patients, we assess their condition and perform all endoscopic medical and surgical medications within an evidence-based scientific medicine framework.

Some surgical and endoscopic operations are as follows:


  • Nose and ear plastic surgery
  • Complete nose correction
  • Nasal polyps operations using the thermal welding method and tonsillectomy, installing the ear ventilation tube.
  • Treating snoring surgically because of a sleep apnea
  • Nasal septum operations
  • Endoscopic sinus operations
  • Biopsy, nose defect, cyst, tumor, and endoscopic edema surgery in the vocal ropes
  • Laryngectomy and neck lymphatic nodes (laryngectomy and neck anatomy)
  • Eardrum repair process
  • Middle ear surgery (mastoidectomy, stratified algae)
  • Salivary gland surgery before surgery (parotidectomy)
  • Inferior salivary gland surgery (thyroidectomy)
  • Gland eradication or lumpectomy operations on the face and neck
  • Correcting lower and upper jaw breaks

In addition, we treat nausea during childhood, snoring, frequent recurrent infections, hearing loss, nose, tonsils and allergy problems in coordination with pediatrics departments in our hospital.

In treating these diseases, which have undergone diagnosis and treatment for years, considerable progress has been made in recent years. Tonsils and nasal polyps operations are performed by a new method of thermal welding method. In light of all developments in terms of rehabilitation and surgical treatment, patients who have applied for this complaint are treated.

Some cases of patients with nasal diseases:

  • All types of rhinitis and sinus
  • Odor disorders
  • Stuffy nose
  • Allergy and flu problems
  • Types of benign and malignant tumors in the nose and sinus

As provided in some tests at Turkey Health Care Group center of NET diagnostic and therapeutic services are as follows:

  • The optical endoscope
  • Audiometry and planning laboratory
  • A laboratory for measuring disorders of balance system.
  • Medical stethoscopes measurement center
  • Auditory nerve tests unit
  • Snoring treatment unit
  • Sleep studies
  • Laser

The department also has the following specialized treatment units for ENT diseases, head and neck surgery:

  • NET medical check-up unit.
  • Sleep and snoring study unit.
  • Audiometry and medical stethoscopes installing unit.
  • Headache unit
  • The early detection of cancerous tumors for the head and neck
  • Integrated and developed audio units
  • Integrated and developed audio units for the newborns.
  • Balance system disorders study unit
  • Optical endoscopy unit
  • Nose and sinus allergy clinic
  • All types of NET surgery
  • Facial plastic surgery
  • Maxillofacial surgery
  • Cancer surgeries of the head and neck
  • Nose and sinus surgery
  • Ear surgery and auditory nerve surgery
  • Sleep disorders treatment by surgery
  • Endoscopic sinus surgery

We also offer some ear, nose and throat disorders. Medical and direct treatment are performed at Turkey Health Care Group center microscopy technology as follows:


    • Treatment of tonsillectomy and nasal diseases.
    • Nasal obstruction (septum obstruction, conch enlargement)
    • Nasal bleeding
    • Chronic sinusitis and sinus surgery
    • Allergic rhinitis treatment
    • Middle ear inflammation
    • Treatment of the tear gland barriers diseases
    • Sound disorders
    • Hypoacusis
    • The benign and malignant tumors of the head and neck
    • Throat diseases such as gastroesophageal reflux
    • Swallowing disorders
    • Nasal allergy
    • Dizziness

    These treatments are all performed by laparoscopic microscopy technology for sinus surgery, snoring and sleep apnea, laryngology, ear diseases / hearing disorders – head surgery / neck surgery etc.

    At the center of otolaryngology, which is equipped with modern technology devices, diagnosis, medical and surgical treatments for all diseases and related head and neck diseases, are successfully implemented.


    There are some special medical disciplines that need to know different concerns, training and experience.

    Audiology and neurology: Treating all types of ear diseases that affect hearing and balance

    Pediatric ENT: Treating all types of childhood diseases and discomforts, including congenital malformations

    Head and neck:

    Treatment of benign and malignant tumors originating from the head and neck, including thyroid gland.

    Facial aesthetics and reconstructive surgery (aesthetic): aesthetic and functional and repair of all surgical interventions in the face and neck.

    Nose: Treatment of sinus diseases around the nose.

    Laryngology: Treatment of diseases related to the throat, esophagus, sound and swallowing.

    Allergy: Diagnosis and treatment of all allergic reactions that include ear, nose and throat

    The early detection is important: A large part of children’s ear diseases are easily treated with early diagnosis. But when it is delayed, treatment becomes more difficult and its success rate decreases.

    For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, you just send all the medical information, tests, analysis, written information about the condition of the disease and the other information by sending all information via the social media sites and you can contact our consultants directly via the numbers on the site.

    After taking all the required information, we will assess the condition of the disease within only 24 hours of receiving your information and will provide you with all information about the treatment plan, details of treatment, treatment costs, duration of stay in Turkey and other services of our institution.


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