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cancerous oncology hospital affiliated to Turkey Health Care Group where we offer all treatment methods in the Specialist Hospital of cancerous oncology.


Our center provides a follow-up to all cancerous diseases and fully assesses their condition. A treatment plan is being established, there is the department of nuclear medicine and the Department of laser radiology.

Cancerous tumors:

  • chemotherapy
  • immunotherapy
  • oncology vaccines
  • Monoclonal Antibodies
  • chemotherapy by radiotherapy
  • chemical embolization
  • radiofrequency ablation (RFA)

There are three treatment plans to treat the Cancerous tumors:

First: The treatment by the surgical intervention (surgical operation)

Second: Radiotherapy (laser treatment)

Third: Medical treatment (chemotherapy treatment)

Some of the surgeries provided by Turkey Health Care Group are:

  • Gynecological oncology surgery
  • Brain and spinal cord oncology surgery
  • Breast and gland oncology surgery
  • Gastrointestinal oncology surgery
  • Orthopedic oncology surgery
  • Malignant skin cancer
  • Prostate surgery
  • kidney oncology surgery

The role of classical chemotherapy is diminished by side effects such as hair loss, nausea, and weakness, and is replaced by modern treatments directed after a tumor genetic map is determined. “Smart molecule” refers to antibodies capable of attacking cancer cells qualitatively compared to classical chemotherapy, these drugs are easy to use (oral), they have fewer side effects.

Therefore, patient-specific treatments are applied, not specific to disease, and treatment can be provided in breast, lung, colon and stomach cancer with the same medication. These small molecules, even in chemotherapy for kidneys and liver cancer, are ineffective to show benefit; in the spread of kidney cancer, the life span cannot extend more than 45 years.

In cancerous oncology surgery:

It is the only way to remove the cancerous area disease from the body through surgery and one of the most effective options for a complete treatment of the disease and extend the life span of the patients.

In Turkey Health Care Group, successful surgical operations can be performed and we offer modern technology.

Oncology Advisory Board of Turkey Health Care Group:

In Turkey Healthcare Group, we have all experienced doctors in all medical disciplines, where we assess the state of the disease from all sides and reach the stage of the final treatment plan for patients.

Services provided at the laser beam center at the center of Turkey Healthcare Group are:

  • Laser radiation
  • cyber knife
  • Gamma knife
  • Versa HD laser
  • spot radiotherapy
  • radiation therapy during the process
  • Intensity– modulated radiotherapy (IMRT)

The method of radiotherapy is a common practice in the cancer therapy and is aims to treat cancerous tissues or some benign tumors. The radiation used in radiotherapy is used to stop the growth of cancerous cells in the treated area or to kill those cells. Each patient’s treatment can be evaluated according to his or her specific circumstances and can be applied with the chemotherapy before and after surgery.

Radiation oncology is a multidisciplinary approach by modern methods and devices using advanced technology to ensure successful outcomes. The therapeutic effect of radiation has been known for nearly 100 years, and is used in the field of oncology.

However, there has been no significant improvement in cancer treatment for several decades because it has not succeeded in preserving tumor tissue while maintaining healthy tissue. In recent years, by advanced technology devices that can make 3D treatment good for defined areas, it has become possible to apply high-dose therapy without destroying natural tissues by destroying tumor cells only and improving the patient completely.

Some types of diseases, which can only be treated with palliative lifelong, can now be cured by techniques such as modified radiotherapy and Image – guided radiation therapy (IGRT). The target group must be defined in a healthy manner.

The 3D localization of tumor and sensitive tissue to be protected is provided and exposed to radiation by a special CT scanner and the laser system which was developed specifically for radiotherapy.

Once the target mass has been determined by a special imaging simulator, the data transferred to the 3D therapy planning system can be combined with images sent from the patient scanner or MRI using the system merger feature if necessary.  Thus, outside the visible portion of the mass, reactivated tumor cells can be inserted into the treatment area and the treatment success is complete.

The volume of treatment determined by the special imaging is transferred to the treatment planning system and the data obtained after the required dose is transferred to the linear accelerator online. Therefore, transmission errors that may occur due to the human factor can be completely eliminated and the most important feature of linear accelerator in addition to double photon energy and electron therapy capabilities, which can be chosen according to the depth of processing volume, is the fully automatic control of gantry angles in all treatment areas. It is brought in a few seconds. Thus, the risk of employee-related errors is eliminated.

As a result, the three-dimensional moderated intensity radiotherapy treatment and the intraoperative radiotherapy technology can provide both devices and the quality of the entire system through integrated network operation.



What are the treatments mainly applied in tumor cancer diseases?

The main treatments in cancerous tumors are surgery, chemotherapy, and radiotherapy.

But it has not been implemented in Turkey, they are implemented abroad, and there are other treatments. It is usually necessary to determine the extent of the disease after the initial diagnosis of the cancer. Then treatment planning begins and the appropriate treatment is selected.

Chemotherapy is given for the purpose of a complete cure of the disease, sometimes it is used for patients with advanced diseases to reduce side effects of the diseases and to relieve the patient.

What is the chemotherapy exactly?

The chemotherapy is a treatment to destroy the cancerous tumor by intravenous injection. We have about 30 drugs. They contribute in the treatment by making sure that the tumors in the target tissues are killed and or at least debilitated. In practice, we use 99 percent, intravenously.

The side effects of chemotherapy come from the fact that these drugs kill healthy cells in the body.

Yes, but in the last days, until we developed drugs that we call them wonderful drugs.

What do we benefit from these wonderful drugs?

They recognize the cancerous cell by marking on the surface of the tumor. I mean, we can tell you what are the destroyed cells by the chemotherapy drug. What is the rate of killing the new cells with the healthy cells while treating patients in chemotherapy?

The success of treatment depends on the stage of the disease in all circumstances. The earlier the disease is discovered, the higher chances of treatment increases. When new drugs are compared to other treatments, there is a very low level of side effects.

What effects does chemotherapy have on the most divided cells in the body?

The most divided cells in the body are the blood cells, hair follicle cells and the gastrointestinal tract cells.

When we collect three of these, the main side effects of chemotherapy appear:

Infection and anemia due to fall of blood cells.

Hair loss in the digestive system, nausea and vomiting, mouth ulcers. The most important side effects of treatment during chemotherapy” Hair loss during chemotherapy.  Patients undergoing chemotherapy will ask, “What if I no longer have hair,” will he worry about hair loss?

No, definitely not. At the end of treatment, after a month or two, straight hair returns denser with some patients. What should patients taking chemotherapy do when it comes to side effects?

Especially in breast cancer, preventive treatment areas and additional treatments such as ice sheet and bleeding stop application. However, hair loss from due to patient’s vital discomfort occurs

At what rate do you say, depending on the medicines and doses used, I have lost between 70 percent to 90 percent of my hair.

Moreover, there are simple suggestions to avoid emotional passivity for patients.

Before starting the chemotherapy, the hair can be shortened, wearing a toupee, or a hat can be placed.

Wash your hair with shampoo, using a protein hair conditioner is beneficial. It also needs not to dye it or use hair spray.

How to reduce or weaken the side effects of chemotherapy during treatment?


  • Hands should be washed frequently with antibacterial soap.
  • People with infectious diseases should be avoided.
  • You should not eat raw vegetables and fruits.
  • Plants and domestic animals should not remain in the living environment.
  • Daily activities must be restricted.
  • Do not take aspirin without consulting your doctor.
  • You should not drink alcohol.
  • Use a shaver when shaving.

The early diagnosis in the treatment of cancerous tumors:

The early diagnosis has a major role in eliminating germ cells in the body.

The best way to eliminate tumors is to know them and develop the right strategy. The cancer is an enemy waiting for many people but we have to know that it is not a powerful enemy. It is a treatable disease in early diagnosis of cancer due to the development of medicines.

For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, “You just have to send all the medical information, tests, analyzes and written information about the condition of the disease, etc. by sending all information Via social media, whats app and viber or you can directly contact our consultants via the numbers on the site.

After taking all the information required, we will assess the condition of the disease within only 8 hours of receiving information and will provide you with all information about the treatment plan, details of treatment, treatment costs, duration of stay in Turkey and other services in our center.

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chronic diseases
Patient diagnosis
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