Cancer Oncology Surgery Centre


Cancer Oncology Surgery Centre

The world-class medical center for cancer tumors in Istanbul, Turkey

Cancer is a disease of the times. The number of its injuries increases in Turkey and the world. As for the treatment and diagnosis of cancer, our country provides health services with the best global technology in treating modern medical technological cancer tumors and specialized doctors with international experience.

The International Center of Cancer says that each case cancer is unique. Our experts from a wide range of medical fields are here to evaluate and treat your cancer, no matter how rare or complicated.

As a patient, you have the attention of a dedicated team that works together with dedication, you will have access to oncologists, oncologists, radiologists, and referrals to other specialists, and your healthcare team will develop an individual treatment plan tailored to the stage and type of disease, and concerns Public health, lifestyle considerations.



The treatments we offer at our center:

  •  Brain tumors
  • Breast tumors
  • Skin tumors
  • Tumor of the digestive system
  • Urinary and reproductive system tumors in men and women
  • Kidney tumors
  • Liver tumors
  • Neck tumors
  • Spinal cord and spinal tumors
  • Chest tumors of the lungs (lung cancer)
  • Gland tumors
  • Bone tumors
  • Prostate tumors


There are also all types of treatment for types of cancer, differing according to the types of cancer and their stage, so that the individual treatment plan is done through the specific diagnosis individually.

The world-class Medical Center for Cancer Surgery in Turkey providing comprehensive care. We believe in meeting all patient needs after diagnosis and treatment. With that in mind, we offer a wide range of services for cancer patients.


Treatment of gastric and liver tumors

We have internationally experienced doctors to treat all types of digestive cancers, including colon, rectum, pancreas, stomach, esophagus, and liver cancer. Diseases include tumors of the digestive system and treatment as follows:

Anal cancer – bile duct cancer – colon cancer – esophageal cancer – gallbladder cancer – liver cancer – small intestine cancer – stomach cancer – duodenal cancer – pancreatic cancer – rectal cancer.

The digestive and liver center provides international quality healthcare with technology in our advanced hospitals and highly experienced doctors.

Our staff are trained to provide individual medical care to each patient in relation to the liver and digestive system.


The service provided in the center of the digestive system and liver:

Peptic ulcer _ colitis _ stomach cancer _ esophageal cancer _ colon cancer _ liver cancer _ hepatitis C _ liver cirrhosis _ gastroenteritis _ irritable bowel syndrome, gallbladder, gallstones, bile ducts, pancreatitis.


Urinary and genital system tumors treatment

The world-renowned medical center for oncology surgery in Istanbul, Turkey. Urology and genitourinary tumors provide compassionate care and most effective treatments for prostate and kidney, testicular cancer, as well as many other rare and common types of cancer.

Our genitourinary specialists are very experienced to ensure our patients receive the highest quality cancer treatment with the safest treatment advice.


Our doctors are expert in treating all types of urinary and reproductive cancers, including:

Adrenal cancer – bladder cancer – testicular cancer – kidney tumors – prostate cancer – ureteral cancer.

Our urologists and genital cancer experts will work together to develop an individualized treatment plan that provides each patient the most effective care.

During the initial examination at the center, patients receive a comprehensive consultation to help determine the best course of treatment for their type of cancer. Our experts will evaluate, discuss and recommend specific treatments to develop a care plan that takes into account individual needs.

We offer our patients hormones, chemotherapy, and surgical interventions, as well as referrals to the best radiotherapy centers. Sperm conservation and infertility issues can also be addressed with the fertility center located on the first floor of the hospital.


Treatment of spinal cord, brain, and backbone tumors

The Neuroma Center provides treatment for patients of brain tumors, spinal cord tumors, and neurological complications caused by cancer. Our experts work with you to ensure that you receive treatment and coordinated support that focuses on helping you deal with your illness and helps you maintain your own quality of life,

We are specialized in providing services to patients with common benign or malignant tumors, as well as rare brain and spinal cord tumors. These types of tumors include: low grade glial, high grade glial, astrocytic, oligodendroglioma, regression glial, glioblastoma, pineal gland, myeloma, lymphoma, meningioma, secondary tumors, spinal cord tumors , Pituitary gland, auditory nerve tumors, base of the skull and other.

To perform brain and spinal cord imaging, we use the most advanced “magnetic resonance imaging” computerized tomography and refer you, when necessary, to highly reliable centers of specialized positron emission tomography.

Advanced modern technology in the diagnosis of oncological diseases

Today, thanks to the advanced technological devices in the Department of Radiation Oncology, it has become possible to establish the presence of the disease and treat the affected tissue directly and early before this cancerous tissue reaches a certain size resulting from the abnormal proliferation of cells.

Moreover, by means of devices that locate the diseased tissue that can be used with complete comfort in all cancer patients by providing the greatest comfort to the patient:

  • We determine the diagnosis of cancer and the stage of the tumor
  • Determine its spread
  • Treatment plan for a patient
  • Evaluate its response with treatment
  • Determine the density of live cancer cells to which the treatment will be applied
  • Make the best plan for the ultimate treatment of the patient’s condition


Advanced modern technology in the diagnosis of diseases, oncology, advanced treatments and services available at the center include the following:

Positron emission tomography and computerized tomography expand the capabilities of diagnostic imaging in early screening and detection of cancer, and in providing patients with the immediate answers they need. This technology offers accurate tumor detection and localization, tumor response and follow-up after chemotherapy or radiotherapy, as well as recurrent diseases or metastasis (cancer spreading from the primary site to other areas of the body) for different types of cancer.

Diagnostic imaging ultrasound – x-ray examination (mammogram) – computerized tomography scan

MRI is used to identify internal abnormalities and the exact extent of cancer to help manage the tumor.

You suspect any stomach or intestinal disorders or liver problems – would you like to undergo liver and digestive examinations and tests?

You just have to make us visit our medical consultations for a better life.

You may take a second opinion regarding your treatment – the need to consult a specialist before deciding on your treatment plan. The desire to obtain medical advice and general recommendations on preventive methods for digestive and liver problems.



For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, “You just have to send all the medical information, tests, analyzes, information about the medical problem, etc, By sending all the information via WhatsApp and Viber, or you can contact us directly to the consultant doctors via the numbers that are on the site.

We will evaluate the medical problem within only 8 hours of receiving the information, and we will provide you with all details about the treatment plan,  treatment costs, period of stay in Turkey and other services of our institution.


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