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Allergy & Immunology Centre

Allergy and Immunity

The human body, like anything, is subject to constant attack by microbes and foreign bodies, so it needs to defend itself and this is the role of the immune system, where the immune system is divided into primary and secondary, the first works as a primary line of defense against microbes and foreign bodies so it prevents them from entering and if they are able to do so, it works on the first response to them, and we mention the human skin, mucus, stomach acid, some molecules such as cytokines, some types of blood cells. As for the secondary immune system, it acts as a second line in the event that the primary fails to respond to the attacking agent, as it defends more effectively and qualitatively.

Causes of immune diseases and allergies

The defect in the function of the immune system is what causes its diseases, so if the child is born and has a deficiency in the elements of the immune system, the child will be more exposed to the entry of microbes and the occurrence of infections, and sometimes the immune system reacts against foreign bodies, but they are harmless, where the immune cells form a special type of antibodies is IgE, which is responsible for the release of one of the inflammatory mediators called Histamine, and this itself, in turn causes a harmful reaction to the human body, depending on the place in which the reaction takes place, as these bodies are called sensors, which include:

  • Some foods such as eggs, milk, pear seeds, fish, shellfish, nuts, wheat, soy, beans, corn, pumpkin, and sesame
  • Some animal products such as dust, moths, wool, fur, feathers, and cats’ saliva.
  • Some medicines, such as Penicillins, Sulfonamides, and aspirin.
  • Poisons of some insects, such as bee stings, wasps, mosquitoes and red ants.
  • Bites by some insects, such as horseflies and gnat (type of mosquitos), and fleas.
  • Cockroaches, caddisflies (kind of flies), hexagenia bilineata, butterflies, or lice and Burgos midges.
  • Pollen.
  • Some chemicals in the home.
  • Some minerals such as nickel, cobalt, chromium and zinc.
  • Latex which is a type of rubber.

Kinds of immune diseases and allergies

  • Allergic asthma.
  • Allergic rhinitis or hay fever.
  • Allergic conjunctivitis.
  • Allergic Eczema.
  • Allergic anaphylaxis.

Diagnosis of allergic and immune diseases

  • Measurement of IgE in the patient’s blood.
  • skin prick test.
  • Skin patch test.

For inquiries and medical advice about your treatment, “You just have to send all the medical information, tests, analyzes and written information about the condition of the disease, etc. by via social media, whats app and viber or you can directly contact our consultants via the numbers on the site.

After taking all the information required, we will assess the condition of the disease within only 24 hours of receiving your information and will provide you with all information about the treatment plan, details of treatment, treatment costs, duration of stay in Turkey and other services in our center.      

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