Chairman’s message

Turkey Healthcare Group is one of the largest institutions working in the field of international healthcare and medical consultations in Turkey. It includes a group of doctors with expertise in all medical specialties and with local and international certifications and awards in the largest Turkish hospitals in Istanbul. Through our qualified and trained medical staff in the most prestigious Turkish and international hospitals, we seek to continue our development

Our institution provides international healthcare services and consultations in all medical specialties, as well as all medical treatments to international patients from around the world.

Every day, we work in the Turkey Healthcare Group passionately to help our patients and their families, and everything we do stems from our dedication to our work. We are dedicated to meeting the needs of our patients, staff and partners.

Our institution strives to deliver its services with excellence and professionalism, from communicating with medical consultants, to examining patients’ medical files by a board of doctors composed of specialists most experienced in their field, to preparing the patient’s optimal treatment plan for the best possible medical treatment.

Our institution is keen to provide direct and effective communication with the medical supervisor and members of the medical team in order to continuously assess the condition and adhere to the treatment plan in full detail and to ensure the provision of better medical expertise and treatment at the highest level and at appropriate treatment costs for all patients.

Turkey Healthcare Group is characterized by the presence of the latest medical devices and advanced technological technologies in order to accurately diagnose the patient’s condition, as it includes high-quality diagnostic and laboratory radiology devices in addition to the quality of the hospital with a global quality certified by the International Joint Committee of Hospitals.

Our institution works under the slogan “Medical Experts in Turkey”, where we aim to provide the best medical expertise in Turkey with the participation of a large group of specialist doctors as well as doctors with a professor of medicine degree from all medical specialties, which benefits patients and ensures that they receive optimal medical treatment.

Dr. Hasan Kasimoglu


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