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حسن قاسم اوغلو مجموعة تركيا للرعاية الصحية Turkey Healthcare Group

Turkey Healthcare Group is a licensed institution in the Republic of Turkey in accordance with Turkish laws and is active in the field of international healthcare services, international medical consultations and the organization of treatment programs for patients with a distinguished group of doctors with international and local Turkish certificates and awards.


Turkey Healthcare Group offers you distinguished doctors and medical experts in Turkey, which includes all medical specialties scattered in all hospitals in Turkey. The doctors communicate directly and continuously with us and with the medical supervisor, the head of the members and the medical team in order to evaluate the condition of the patients and study the treatment plan in full detail and clarify the duration of treatment, costs and other required information.


Turkey Healthcare Group offers treatment in the best international hospitals with international certifications, technology and high quality international equipment.


Turkey Healthcare Group provides the best operating rooms in terms of technology and medical equipment as well as technology used to diagnose the patient’s condition such as high-quality diagnostic and laboratory radiology devices. The quality of the international hospital, which is certified internationally and the quality approved by the Joint International Committee.


Also get medical consultations with full details of the condition of patients, and organize a special program for patients from reception at the airport down to the hotel and when returning to their country after treatment and follow-up patients remotely to be coordinated the patient with his former therapist.


Our institution provides full information about the hospital, doctors and treatment plan for the patient and the patient can also take information on the costs of treatment within 24 hours of receiving his medical reports to determine the appropriate diagnosis of the patient and determine the most appropriate treatment for his or her health condition.


Hassan Jassem Oglu



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