Cardiac Patient Interview

The Medical team is under the supervision of Prof.Dr.Barbaros Kenoglu, an experts in Cardiovascular surgery

Prof.Dr.Boland Saratas, Cardiac Surgeon, and Medical Director Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu

Patient name: Ismail Ali Salem from Iraq

Age: 45 Years

Chronic Diseases: High Blood Pressure, Diabetes 2017 the patient diagnosis was confirmed and determined by doctors in Iraq through cardiac catheterization.

The result of Catheterization

There is a blockage in the heart vessels, the blockage rate of 70 percent.

The require treatment in 2017 was:

  • Treatment was opening the blockage through cardiac balloon catheterization.
  • The treatment was refused by the patient, and his file in the hospital was closed.
  • Two years after the patient refused the treatment, the patient suffers from severe chest pain, which led to his visit to our hospital.
  • As a result of the tests by Iraqi doctors: there is a problem in one artery.

After the patient refused treatment and after two years:

The patient’s arterial occlusion stage reached 100%. The disease spread to 2 arteries feeding the heart. 2019 the doctors in our hospital decided that the patient needs a heart bypass surgery. Patients between the age 40-45 years old who suffer from this disease have a genetic cause, as well as an irregular dietary pattern and poor sugar control. Patients coming from this country are often young, and sometimes the result of increase smoking can lead to this.

Patient Ismail:

He underwent a heart bypass surgery. It is an open surgery; 3 arteries were changed. After the operation, the patient’s position was stabilized regularly. After two days of follow-up in intensive care, the patient was taken to cardiac surgery department, and thanks to God, the patient is now in good health. Today we discharged the patient from the hospital and has a review after a week. He should take good care of his health. And, God willing, in the future, he will not need other operation.

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