BHT Clinic Istanbul Tema Hospital

BHT clinic Istanbul Tema hospital

BHT clinic Istanbul Tema hospital is managed by Turkey Healthcare Group Turkey Healthcare Group, which combines a quarter of a century of knowledge and experience with academic staff, technological equipment and a patient-oriented approach with a vision of excellence and trust in healthcare. Based on this vision, the hospital was opened, which provides services with world quality standards

Our mission is “to be a global healthcare brand” based on ethical principles with medical infrastructure.  We also continue our activities with 100 doctors of various medical specialties and more than 1000 employees.

Bahat Health Group, which started with a small clinic of 300 square meters, which was the first link of our series in 1994; Sultan Gazi Bahat hospital, Ekitili Bati Bahat hospital let’s continue to grow with BHT clinic Istanbul Tema private hospital, which is the newest and largest link of the group and it is the first public hospital in Turkey to receive a quality certificate in its first evaluation.

We have obtained TEMUS international accreditation, which is one of the most important accreditation processes in Europe in this way, started with the philosophy “health is more valuable now”, we continue healthcare services by always maintaining the value given to patients without compromising the understanding of service quality.

Our hospital has been built, as we continue to open each floor of our 19-storey building with an internal area of 55,000 square meters with technological infrastructure and equipment available in a limited number of centers in the world. We have 18 fully equipped operating rooms two of which are equipped with these features of new concept operating rooms where medical imaging systems and advanced medical devices can be used simultaneously with a capacity of 450 beds.

PHT clinic Istanbul Tema hospital offers its services in a closed area of 55 thousand square meters, with a 19-storey intelligent building technology, with a capacity of 450 beds, 2 of 18 operating rooms are fully equipped with hybrid operating room technology. PHT clinic Istanbul Tema aims to grow through its local and international investments.


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