An interview with the patient Khaled AL-Kubaisi from Iraq – Liver transplant from the donor (patient’s daughter)- Organ Transplant Hospital

Liver transplant - Organ Transplant Hospital

An interview with the patient Khaled AL-Kubaisi from Iraq – Liver transplant from the donor (patient’s daughter)- Organ Transplant Hospital

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The attending physician: Chairman of the Board and Director of the Organ Transplant Center Prof.Dr.Ayhan Deniskan, with the medical team at the Organ Transplant Center.

Medical Director and Supervisor: Dr.Hasan Kasimoglu

Patient name Khaled Salem Tomah Al Kubaisi from Iraq
Age 61 years old
Chronic Disease Kidney Failure
The patient’s problem Liver Cirrhosis

Kidney Failure

Problems with fluid accumulation in the abdomen

Diagnosis of the patient’s condition Cirrhosis


The patients’ medical file

The patient’s file was studied, and his condition was diagnosed as having Cirrhosis in the advanced stage. The patient’s condition was evaluated in detail and the required treatment was clarified, which is an urgent liver transplant. The process was explained in detail to the patient and his family. After the approval of the patient’s family from a distance, a program was developed to follow up the patient until his arrival in turkey.

The patient came to our hospital, as soon as he inter the hospital we began to conduct all the preparatory examinations for the patient and the donor such as analyzes, X-rays, conformity tests and others.

The patient’s file has been prepared with all the details such as his final diagnosing for his condition and other procedures. We came to the conclusion that the patient needed an urgent operation as soon as possible. But before we do the operation the patient need a quick medical treatment, in which we start the treatment in order to stabilize his health condition.

As for the donors nominated by the two of his  sons , the results of the analyzes and tests showed that they are not suitable for donation. After explaining the result of the transplant council’s decision to the patient and his family, they advised the patient to look for a family donor.

As for his two daughters, one of them, who is 20 years old, was nominated, and after a follow-up by the hospital, the donor arrived from Iraq and immediately we started the necessary examinations and analyzes.

After the council doctors of transplant organ center had a meeting to discus the patient situation, they decided that the patient’s daughter was suitable candidate for donation. The preparatory procedures for the operation lasted for a month.


The results of the comprehensive medical examination of the patient as follows:

  • The patient was diagnosed with Cirrhosis of the liver
  • The patient was diagnosed with an urgent need for a liver transplant

Required process

Liver transplantation from the donor (patient’s daughter) in urgent way


We performed a liver transplant with complete success.

The duration of treatment and follow-up before and after the operation lasted for a month, and after the patient was discharge from the hospital, it was necessary to visit the organ transplant center to follow up his condition closely.

Thanks to God, the operation was successfully completed, and now the patient is in good health.


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