An interview with the patient Hafsa from Sudan – Cancer Surgery Center in Turkey

An interview with the patient Hafsa from Sudan – Cancer Surgery Center in Turkey

An interview with the patient Hafsa from Sudan – Cancer Surgery Center in Turkey

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  • Dr.Taflan Salibashi, Head of the Medical Oncology Center
  • Dr.Aziz Sumer, Head of the General Surgery Center with the medical team.
  • Medical Director and Supervisor: Hasan Kasimoglu
The Patient name Hafsa Abdel Qader
Age 38 years old
Chronic Disease None
The Patient’s problem Left breast tumor
Diagnosis of the patient condition Need a mastectomy


The Patient Medical File

Her medical condition was diagnosed with breast cancer, in a period of one month, and because of the poor treatment in Sudan, the patient decided to come to Turkey for treatment.

After the patient’s family searched for a possible treatment in Turkey, the patient contacted us (Turkey Healthcare Group), requested for medical advice and information about treatment was given by the Head of the medical Oncology Department, Prof.Dr.Taflan Salibashi.

The patient came to Turkey, especially to the Clinical Oncology Center under the supervision of Prof.Dr.Taflan Salibashi. A clinical examination was conducted and the doctor requested a diagnostic tests, which are:

  • Blood tests
  • Pet scan
  • MRI

After reading diagnostic tests, the professor and the board of doctors at the oncology center decided that she first need a Mastectomy.

After the operation was completed, a sample (biopsy) was taken from the tumor and sent to the tissue laboratory for examination, and after we obtained the result of the (biopsy), the patient was transferred from a general surgery center to a medical oncology center for the purpose of following up on breast tumor treatment.

We performed the operation to remove the tumor from the breast with complete success, thanks to God, the operation was completed successfully, and now the patient is in good health.

The chemotherapy map were registered by Prof.Dr.Taflan Salibashi, in which the patient continues take the treatment for five years.

Medical Experts in Turkey

During the follow-up of the patient Hafsa, some remedial measures were taken as follows:

  • We have been doing clinical examination at the best medical oncology professors- oncology surgery.
  • All recent diagnostic tests have been performed
  • She was finally diagnosed
  • The patient underwent surgery
  • After the operation, the result of the pathological transplant was studied
  • The patient was referred to the Department of Medical Oncology
  • A treatment program has been organized by Prof. Dr. Toflan Salbishi, which will continue for 5 years


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