Koc University Hospital

Koc University Hospital

Koc Private University Hospital


Under the slogan “Creating qualified human resources in the health sector”

Koç University was established in 1993 in Istanbul, which brings together talented young people and valuable lecturers. Koç Hospital aims to contribute to the teaching of medical sciences at the highest international level.

The graduates of Koc University are equipped with the highest ethical values. They are socially responsible individuals who possess the values of democracy.

Koc University Hospital Specifications

Koc University Hospital commenced operations in September 2014 as a training and scientific research hospital

As of 2016, the hospital has increased its capacity, which consists of:

  • 404 single-bed patient rooms
  • 73 intensive care units (366 adults and 111 children).
  • More than 4000 operations were carried out through 16 operations and 14 intervention rooms.
  • Throughout 2016 Koç University Hospital provided inpatient treatment services to nearly 6,000 people, including more than 1,600 international patients.
  • Outpatient services to 65,000 people


Foundation charitable association

Wahhabi koç Healthcare Foundation

The Wahhabi Koç Foundation, which is a charitable foundation, and it is one of the largest subsidiaries and fundamental institutions in Turkey.

Since its founding in 1969, the Wahhabi koç Foundation has set a new standard of excellence in philanthropy. Guided by its mission of meeting the basic needs of life in modern and developing Turkey by promoting education, health and culture. the Foundation’s achievements include:

  • Establishing a world-class hospital
  • Museums that preserve Turkish culture
  • The academic elite and its spotlight
  • Institutions at all levels.


The Wahhabi Koç Association Nursing Fund

Established in 1974 in an effort to define the problems of the nursing profession in Turkey and to support the production of viable and long-term solutions. It serves as a starting point for the Foundation’s activities which aimed to developing the nursing profession in Turkey.

Wahhabi koc Foundation services

The Wahhabi koc Foundation provided the following:

  • Outpatient services
  • Training and nursing development projects
  • Wahhabi koc Foundation Award in Healthcare
  • Support activities for public health projects
  • Koç University – College of Medicine / College of Nursing
  • The center is all managed by the institution which was the largest private sector investment in Turkey in the field of health.

Achievements of the Fahbi Koc Foundation

  • For many years the Wahhabi koc Foundation supported the American Hospital and in 1995 the hospital was merged with the Foundation to create an example of healthcare where very large investments were made.
  • After 12 years of renovation and expansion, American Hospital has developed into an international healthcare institution.
  • The most important major project of the Wahhabi Koc Foundation in the field of education is Koç University. Despite its relatively short past, Koç University is already one of the well-established and most well-known universities in Turkey. Koç University School of Medicine began admission in September 2010.
  • In order to contribute to the qualified human capital in the healthcare sector and community service in a caring environment accordioning to international standards, Koç University Hospital began operating in October 2014 as a research and training hospital

Koc Hospital campus specifications

Health Sciences campus

It covers an area of 220,000 square meters which includes:

1- College of Medicine

2- School of Nursing

3- Research laboratories

4- Center for Advanced Education and Medical Research.


The Campus of Health Sciences aims to contribute to the creation of qualified human resources in the health sector through its innovative approach and dynamic team according to North American standards.

The most important activities of Koc University Hospital

Supporting healthcare projects

In addition to our healthcare institutions, we also support multiple projects in the field of health. Here are some of the projects we’ve supported:

  • 2007 Ankara University School of Medicine, Vibe Kush Eye Hospital
  • 2002 Haydarpaşa Nomoni Teaching and Research Hospital, Phoebe Koch Emergency Medical Center
  • 1985 Haydarpaşa Nomoni Hospital for Traffic Accidents at the Fahbi Koç Foundation and first level treatment facilities
  • 1963 Ankara University College of Medicine, Bhi Koc Eye Bank.

Our priorities

We are also proud to be the pioneers of many medical achievements in Turkey

  • The first nursing school in Turkey. (1920)
  • Introduction of rapid postoperative physical activity in Turkey. (1945)
  • The first spinal anesthesia in Turkey. (1946)
  • The first use of sutures in Turkey. (1947)
  • The first RH aggregator in Turkey. (1948)
  • The first complete blood transfusion in a child in Turkey. (1949)
  • The first natural childbirth program in Turkey. (1953)
  • The first hospital in Turkey with an emergency generator. (1965)
  • The first dialysis unit in Turkey. (1966)
  • The first private family planning clinic in Turkey. (1972)
  • Turkey’s first employee screening program. (1972)
  • The first computerized hospital system in Turkey. (1977
  • The first intensive care nursing program in Turkey. (1978)
  • The first health fair in Turkey. (1981)
  • Turkey’s first group therapy unit for alcoholic beverages. (1982)
  • Turkey’s first outpatient operation. (1983)
  • The first ambulance airstrip on the roof in Turkey. (1986)
  • The first outpatient operating center in Turkey. (1987)
  • The first medical center for preventive care in Turkey. (1988)
  • The first intensive care unit in Turkey. (1990)
  • The first private center for infertility education in Turkey. (1995)
  • Turkey’s first brain surgery, a microelectrode surgery to treat movement disorders. (1996)
  • The first non-surgical aortic valve replacement in Turkey. (2009)
  • Turkey’s first robotic plastic surgery. (2010)


Turkey Healthcare Group is a licensed institution in the Republic of Turkey in accordance with Turkish laws and is active in the field of international healthcare services

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