About Us

حسن قاسم اوغلو مجموعة تركيا للرعاية الصحية Turkey Healthcare Group

Turkey Healthcare Group is a licensed institution in the Republic of Turkey in accordance with Turkish laws and is active in the field of international healthcare services, international medical consultations and the organization of treatment programs for patients with a distinguished group of doctors with international and local Turkish certificates and awards.

Turkey Healthcare Group offers you distinguished doctors and medical experts in Turkey, which includes all medical specialties scattered in all hospitals in Turkey. The doctors communicate directly and continuously with us and with the medical supervisor, the head of the members and the medical team in order to evaluate the condition of the patients and study the treatment plan in full detail and clarify the duration of treatment, costs and other required information.

Turkey Healthcare Group offers treatment in the best international hospitals with international certifications, technology and high quality international equipment.

Turkey Healthcare Group provides the best operating theatres in terms of technology and medical equipment as well as technology used to diagnose the patient’s condition such as high-quality diagnostic and laboratory radiology devices. The quality of the international hospital, which is certified internationally and the quality approved by the Joint International Committee.

Also get medical consultations with full details of the condition of patients, and organize a special program for patients from reception at the airport down to the hotel and when returning to their country after treatment and follow-up patients remotely to be coordinated the patient with his former therapist.

Our institution provides full information about the hospital, doctors and treatment plan for the patient and the patient can also take information on the costs of treatment within 24 hours of receiving his medical reports to determine the appropriate diagnosis of the patient and determine the most appropriate treatment for his or her health condition.


Hassan Jassem Oglu


Our Institution

مركز الرعاية الصحية و الطبية الأفضل في اسطنبول

Turkey Healthcare Group is a licensed institution in the Republic of Turkey in accordance with the laws of the Turkish Ministry of Health, which provides all treatments to international patients in all health specialities and medical consultations for all foreign and local patients.

Medical specialties centers

The largest and most famous healthcare institution for international and local medical consultations in Turkey, where all medical specialities are covered by the care of the most renowned specialist doctors located in the largest Turkish hospitals in Istanbul.

Our medical team

Turkey Healthcare Group offers the best treatments where it is characterised by the quality of doctors and experts by international standards. Our doctors are distinguished by their professional and ethical competence in dealing with all patients, which has earned them the trust and love of the patients.

Turkey Healthcare Group is headquartered at the İstinye Medical Park Hospital in Gazi osman paşa in Istanbul, and our administration office is based in Fatih Street, Akdeniz.

Our Vision

مركز الرعاية الصحية و الطبية الأفضل في اسطنبول

Turkey Healthcare Group is a local Turkish institution with a global vision working to provide health care to patients from all over the world with the participation of a very large group of specialist doctors and professorship group which includes all medical specialities. Our hospital is one of the largest specialised hospitals with high quality and advanced modern technologies.

Our doctors are distinguished by their professional and ethical efficiency in dealing highly with all patients, which has earned them the trust and love of patients :

  • Best Medical Center
  • Best Treating Physicians in Turkey
  • Best Hospital in Turkey
  • The best medical supplies used in an operating theatre for all patients
  • State-of-the-art medical devices, modern technology and medical treatment research
  • The product of our center and hospitals certification and certification salvo international quality standards

Our Mission

مركز الرعاية الصحية و الطبية الأفضل في اسطنبول

Turkey Healthcare Group focuses on providing integrated patient care through:

  • Providing high-quality professional services under the slogan “We care about you”
  • Provides high-level professional services starting before you arrive at the airport until you leave safely under the slogan “We care about you”
  • Focus on using the latest different means of communicating with you.
  • Adherence to the latest standards of medicine in Turkey in general and medicine in Istanbul especially in your treatment.
  • Providing an environment that facilitates the patient’s medical journey where we accompany our patients at all stages of treatment to feel at home where we provide translators and support on their treatment journey.
  • Provide a comfortable, stress-free and fear-free psychological environment during your medical tourism.

Quality Policy And Credits

مركز الرعاية الصحية و الطبية الأفضل في اسطنبول

Turkey Healthcare Group brings you in the best hospitals that include the latest high-tech medical devices certified by the World Health Certificate (LG-C) which includes a group of professional doctors in all medical specialties in accordance with international standards in the health sector.

Care And Patient Rights

Turkey Healthcare Group is an institution that takes care of patients professionally and strives to provide patients with relief, and therefore shows them their full rights and high transparency.

الرعاية وحقوق المرضى مجموعة تركيا للرعاية الصحية Turkey Healthcare Group

The patient in Turkey Healthcare Group is entitled to the following rights:

  • Be fully aware of their own rights and responsibilities
  • To receive the best possible health care regardless of race, religion or nationality and to respect his beliefs, customs, traditions and spiritual and religious needs
  • The doctor must choose the therapist and he is entitled to request another medical opinion in the same speciality if he wishes to do so in accordance with the procedures and regulations of the hospital.
  • Identifying the identity and professional status of his clients as well as the doctor responsible for his treatment
  • Obtain a comprehensive explanation and complete information about his diagnosis, care plan, treatment and expected and desired outcomes, as well as the opportunity to ask any related questions before signing any form that he decides to approve.
  • Receiving the appropriate assessment of his health condition and obtaining the best possible treatment during his stay in the hospital.
  • He/She refuses to undergo a certain examination or surgical intervention, and has the right to leave the hospital on his own responsibility in accordance with the procedures followed in the hospital.
  • To have full privacy and to maintain the confidentiality of its medical and non-medical data and information while receiving medical care compliant with the rules and regulations of health care in Turkey.
  • Obtaining copies of diagnostic papers or medical reports at his request
  • A request for transfer to another hospital, to be transferred if his/her medical condition (or condition qualifies him/her) allows him/her to be transferred to another hospital.
  • Be aware of the estimated treatment, including details of hospital stay, procedures and examinations, and other health care services sufficiently
  • To express his opinion freely in the services provided to him/her and to submit any questions or inquiries related to the practice of medicine or to make complaints and to receive treatment in a healthy and secure environment.


Patients’ rights

It is clear what the patient’s responsibilities are during the period of treatment, so patients and their families are expected to adhere to the following responsibilities towards the hospital so that those concerned can provide the desired services that are satisfied:

  • Provide doctors, nurses and other hospital caregivers with adequate and accurate information on the nature of the disease, the history of treatment and the current and previous treatment.
  • Cooperation with all concerned hospital staff and request an seeking explanation in the event of unclear procedures or instructions
  • Not taking any medication that has not been prescribed by the attending physician
  • Full compliance with the hospital’s rules and regulations in case of refusal of any diagnostic, therapeutic or surgical procedures or staying in the hospital
  • Respecting the rights and respect of the feelings of patients and medical staff working in the hospital as well as other visitors
  • The obligation to pay for the costs of treatment and services provided during the stay in the hospital and before discharge from the hospital or to obtain the approval of the payment authority and the contractor with the hospital.


Your knowledge of this list of rights and responsibilities allows you to:

  • Become an effective member and assistant to the medical team treated in the stages of your treatment
  • Get the right and complete information at the right time about your health problem
  • Better understand the treatment plan and know the side effects of treatment, expected complications and options available to you
  • The possibility of making clear choices before signing any approval decisions for treatment
  • Help your processing team better understand your needs and interests
  • Help your treating team provide safe and effective care in a timely manner
  • Helping your hospital to be a safer environment, less spread of infection, and avoid any possible complications or medical errors.
  • Help shorten the length of stay in the hospital, which contributes to reducing the cost of treatment


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